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We have 2 FE servers which are servicing all our other backend mailbox servers fine except a new one we recently deployed.  We stood up a Native AG and a single backend MB server.  When we hit the FE server and put in the credentials, we're getting:

The System Cannot Find the File Specified (I turned off friendly HTTP error messages in IE)

This Native site is part of our Org but the users are members of a child domain with a different SMTP address, however, other users in the domain with a different SMTP address can authenticate.

Any thoughts?
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vasanthgnbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well. Once you type in the user id and password, an explicit logon to the mailbox using an e-mail address happens. The RHS of the e-mail address (the domain part) is derived from the Exchange virtual folder. The LHS is the username you provided. So if that e-mail address is not listed in the user properties, then you get a 404 error. That is what is having in your scenario. You can find the information in FE BE white paper for exchange. But the explicit logon process is the same for FE/BE and single server setups.

Open up Exchange System Manager. Expand, Admin Groups--> First Admin Group --> Servers --> <Server name> --> Protocols --> HTTP --> Exchange Virtual server. Right click on Exchange virtual folder and click on properties. U der Exchange path you will see a SMTP domain listed. Check whether the users in the child domain are having an e-mail address for this SMTP domain. If they are not having this SMTP domain in one of their e-mail addresses, OWA will fail. You can manually add the e-mail address, force AD replication and then test OWA.

msadexchmanAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did exactly that yesterday and it worked!  However, managment is looking for technical explanation as to why they have to add the default recipient policy SMTP address to other user accounts that don't need it to get this to work?  There are other users who have a different SMTP address and we don't have to add the default SMTP address to their accounts for OWA.  The main difference here is that when we stand up a Native Exch2003 Admin Group and MANUALLY create a Recipient Policy for these users and the new SMTP address, OWA won't work.  All the RP's that came over automatically from the 5.5 world (we're still in mixed 5.5/2003 mode) and have had their mailboxes swung over from 5.5 to 2003, OWA works for them (without having to add the default SMTP address).

So this obviously has something to do with the fact that this is a Native AG but before I can go and update all these user objects with a secondardy SMTP address, I MUST provide a technical breakdown of why this is happening.

Can you assist?  Any pointers to online doc's which talk about it.

Many Thanks
Rachel FlewellingCommented:

Thank you.  The first Expert comment you made on this thread solved our issue.  Very hard time searching for this specific error message related to OWA.  

Adding a particular SMTP address to a few users was not done,  which caused the issue for these users, while others had no problem.

Thanks again.
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