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Citrix client and Terminal Services Server 2003

In a Windows 2000 Terminal Server, any computer that had W2k or XP workstation was automatically given a client license to access a Terminal Server.
I read that in Server 2003, this is no longer the case and that a TS Cal must be purchased and no concurrent packages are available.
Now the question. I want to setup a citrix server with 15 concurrent access licenses. Do I still have to buy a TS Cal for each and everyone that will access the Server?
Example: I have 200 domain users and I know there never will be anymore than 15 users that will access the Citrix Server at any given time, but all of the users will have to connect at one time or another.

I hope my question is not as confusing as the Microsoft Licensing documents.
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You need a TS CAL for every User or for every Workstation, it does stink but that's how MS Licensing works.  There is an exception.  Any XP Pro machines you licensed prior to the realease of Server 2003 get a free TS CAL but you need to send in paperwork to MS and have them issue a keypack to load them.  

FYI, Per User is not tracked at the moment, you load the TS CALs and the number never goes down.  

Ok, exception #2 is with Citrix Access Essentials; that comes w/ TS CALs.  
gablaisAuthor Commented:
How does the Citrix Access Essentials licensing go?
Is it user based or concurrent user?
Same as Presentation Server but it is packaged with TS CALs.  Citrix is still concurrent and MS is still per seat/user.  

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