Hello, i have a costumer running citrix PS 1.0 (v9.00.xx) and MetaFrame 1. We are looking for a PocketPC functionnality, that once you plug the pocket PC, the file is automaticaly dropped on server. So far I've looked some Citrix doc and discovered that PS1 doestn't not support PocketPC Synchronisation (Pocket - client - serve) (in fact, only PS4 seems to do it).

So, we've been thinking of dropping the Pocket PC file on the client station (which is actually mapped to the server), and then use some kind of magic to let the server detect the file.

Any idea ? Am I clear enough ?

Just a Noob.
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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can enable local drive mappings so the server would be able to access the C: drive of the client computer.  You will only be able to map a drive to the server if they are on the same LAN or WAN as the server and setup a normal drive mapping script that would run when the boot their computer (or run a batch file manually)

As far as the server detecting that the file is there, that would require some programming skills or possibly just a batch file.

In theory you might be able to do this:

1. have the PDA sync to a local drive on the client computer (in a specific folder)
2. create an application or batch file that copies the file from this location to another location on the server
3. Publish this application or create a shortcut to it from the user's citrix desktop
4. When they run the program it will copy the file to the server to the desired location.
ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Synching PDAs on a local machine can itself be a problem sometimes, and if you get a custom process on Citrix involved, you will likely have a steady stream of support issues. You might be better off buying the upgrade to get to a version which supports PDAs (although you will still have some support issues) - the upgrade cost can probably be justified against the expected support costs, plus you get the other PS4 advantages.
Recommend split between mqcIT and ET0000.
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