Server.....You might not have permission to use this network resource. An internal error ocurred.

I have a Windows XP SPK1 on a Server 2003 domain network. The computer got infected with at least 17 worms (My CA Antivirus software did not recognized the infections).The Symantec free scanning software found those pesky items.   I used the following removal tools (Ad- Adware 6, Hijack this, and CWShredder).

 The Ad-adware6 removal tool, removed the Wsaupdater.exe file.  After the first reboot I could not log on to either the network or the local machine (not even in safe mode). I followed the instructions from Microsoft’s support knowledge base article number 892893 and EUREKA I was able to log on (into the domain and also to the local computer) as the domain administrator and also as the user.

After, following Symantec’s instructions in how to remove the worms (some of the instructions required me to use their removal tool, others required me to remove the bad things manually from the registry). I scanned the computer and great news, no more Adware was found. Now we are able to access the internet with no pop ups or get redirect to other sites. Of course, I’m able to log on as Admin (domain) and also as the user.

 Later, I discovered that I can not access any of the map network drives nor as the administrator (domain) or as different users.

I tried to access the server directly from “My network places" but I'm getting the following error “Server..... Is unavailable. You might not have permission to use this network resource. An internal error occurred".

How can I fix this? If I log on as the Admin (domain) why the computer is telling me that I do not have permissions? FYI, I see the computer on my AD.

FYI, I followed the instructions in Microsoft Article KB #913628 and the "Value Data box isalready set to 0"

Please help.

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FriarTukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interagency Management Information System (IMIS)
"This error message is usually resolved by making sure each workstation has all the Windows Updates installed."
Colombia1Author Commented:
Yes, I'm able to access the internet. I'm also able to log on into the domain and open outlook. But I can not access any of the shared (network) drives.
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try resetting ip
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

these may or may not be useful
Colombia1Author Commented:
Thanks for your advice. yesterday I tried the KB/913628 and the value data on my computer is already set up to "0". so that article did not help me.

This morning I rebooted the computer, and since them I'm able to access all of the network shared folders.( I don't know what happened).

 One thing that I discovered is that the local Admin account got disable. I enabled the account and so far so good. BUT, another problem appeared. When I'm trying to open our database (iMIS10) I'm getting a prompt saying " iMIS can not continue because encryption is not available. Click OK to exit, and them confirm that you have installed iMIS ActiveX components, and that your system meets the requirements.....".

We have been able to access our database  in this computer since the past 2 years. I tried to reinstall the software but I got a " fatal error 1603 during installation consult Windows Installer Help (MSI.chm) or MSDN". I removed the program and I did a clean installation. During the clean install I did not get the fatal error but  I'm  getting the iMIS Active X components.

By any chance do you know  who can I fix or reinstall the iMIS ActiveX components?

Colombia1Author Commented:
Thanks so much. I installed all the latest updates including SPK2 and it works.

Gracias :)
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