0x77e11340 error 0x00000000 the memory could not be written

i did some research but i cant resolve that error :
whenever i close internet explorer, netcaptor, maxthon, bigfix, flashfxp ... i get a 0x77e11340 error 0x00000000 the memory could not be written
someone knows how to fix it?
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RomModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Question closed - 500 points refunded.

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this is my first post so please bare with me ;)

Quick Question: Have you always had this error or did you do something to trigger it?

Judging from the nature of the programs that return the error [all are programs that interact with the Internet], I'd suggest you provide us with a listing of your running processes and possibly use this tool:

Look for suspicious .dlls loaded or unknown processes running in the background.
FuncodAuthor Commented:
i think it was caused by one of my dimm
problem was resolved when i pulled it off
i dunno how to remove the question now that you have made a comment
or is there an archive option for the sake of community knowledge?
FuncodAuthor Commented:
nm i did a "refund request"
sorry phreonx
thx for trying
weird first time ^^
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