GroupWise Error [D11B] There are too many items to display them all

I've just taken over administration of a Groupwise 6.01 system and am having trouble with just 1 user from a total of 25.

The particular account is regularly accessed by 12 Sales staff, and a high percentage of their work is email based. Emails are then Forwarded from the central account to their individual accounts for action.

They have NEVER deleted anything from the 'Sent Items' folder since the system was installed in 2002.

The Sent Items folder was huge, MONSTROUS......... literally hundreds of thousands of entries in the one folder...

I have now deleted all but the last few weeks....

However, the 'Mailbox' folder now takes approx 20 secs to open. Sometimes longer. There are never more than 10 or 20 emails in it, they are always promptly forwarded to the appropriate account.
If I rightclick and bring up 'Properties', there is a 1 to 2 minute delay, the Contains: label says Counting Contents, please wait.
An error Box then pops up 'GroupWise Error [D11B]' with the messsage 'There are too many items to display them all. you may use filtering.......etc'

The property then reads 'Contains: 0 Received Items, 65535 Sent Items, 0 Posted items, 0 Draft items.

The value '65535 Sent items' looks much like an integer overflow to me......
There WERE obviously far more than that but now there are only 3250 (approx.... I'm not THAT sad).

Anyway, I'd really like to tidy this up as soon as possible. The boss is back off holiday soon, therefore... 500 points.
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DarthModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQed with points refunded (500)

Community Support Moderator
I'll note in passing that GroupWise v6.0.1 is very old, and has been EOLed. The last Support Pack for GroupWise v6.0 was SP4, released 2 and a half YEARS ago. However, it's still available at -->

I recommend doing a top-down rebuild on the GroupWise system, as described in this ID -->

I would also recommend applying Support Pack 4, but get the databases cleaned up first.
The latest version of GroupWise is v7.0, and the oldest still-supported version is v6.5.

If the users want to retain E-Mail, that's what the Archive function is for. There's nothing wrong with them holding onto every E-Mail since 2002, they just need to Archive it instead of letting it rot in their online mailbox.
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TonyDelphiHuntAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that, it looks to be the thing to do.

Obviously I need the MTA down for this, so I'll try that over the weekend and let you know what happens.

Would you have a url pointing out the major changes between v6.0 and v7.0?
It sounds a logical upgrade path.

Best Wishes

Tony Hunt
TonyDelphiHuntAuthor Commented:

>> I recommend doing a top-down rebuild on the GroupWise system, as described in this ID -->

I've done that but it's made no difference.

Do you have any further suggestions?

Best Wishes

Tony Hunt
Whoops! I let this one fall thru the cracks. Are you still having problems?
TonyDelphiHuntAuthor Commented:
Hi, in the end I traced this problem to a user who had more than 65,000 entries in a folder marked 'Actioned'

After questioning them in depth, I found they think they had managed to write a 'Rule' with a circular reference which copied all items in the 'Actioned' folder into the 'Actioned' folder...

After an EXTENSIVE manual deleting session, all appears to be back to normal now.
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