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I need a way of migrating mail to a new Exchange 2003 installation. Currently we have a unix mail server (managed appliance - probably sendmail) We have around 1000 mailboxes populated with mail. How can I migrate users existing mail to their respective mailboxes on the Exchange server. When Exchange goes into production the old server will be killed so we are using just one domain for this.

Does anyone know of a tool that will POP into the old server's mailboxes and transfer the mail to their Exchange mailboxes?

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SorensonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ldap would migrate the user accounts, imap should just migrate mail. I am not sure how it will match AD user accounts with the IMAP mailboxes.
I would consider setting up something like this:;en-us;319759  to allow both mail solutions to be online at the same time, so that you are not forced into a "must migrate" scenario.

What client will be used?  Will it be outlook, or web access?  If it is outlook, how will it be deployed?  If it is deployed during the migration, you could attach to the old mail server, download mail to a local pst, then attach to the new mail server and import the pst contents to the exchange server, but that seems very tedious for 1000 users.

Perhaps this pop2imap could be used to semi-automate the message transfer 

Can IMAP be enabled on your existing mail installation?  If so, the migration wizard be used?  
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There is a POP3 connector in Exchange 2003.  Once you have created all your Exchange 2003/AD accounts/mail accounts you can configure this connector to POP from where-ever into each users Exchange account.  

I'm assuming all the users mail is still up on the host (sendmail) machine.


Once you've POP all mail into the respective Exchange accounts just disable the POP3 connector.

CiderspineAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for you comments.

Can I use the migration wizard to migrate mailbox contents and not their user accounts?

Where is the POP3 connector in Exchange - I can't seem to find it?



sgh_abaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Should be under routing groups/connectors...

CiderspineAuthor Commented:
Thanks chaps!
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