Drawing round an image

Go easy with me, i'm no graphic designer by any strech of the amagination!!

Let's presume i have a filled circle on a multi coloured background and i want to make everything but the circle transparent... or another colour.

The image is either a .GIF or JPEG format so it's all on one layer...

If i draw round the circle i can copy it onto another image?  But what is the easiest method.

The actualy problem is door handles, I take a photo of them and then open them up in Paint shop pro 8 i want to make everything but the handle transparent.

Any ideas on where to start?

Many Thanks
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Yes, with photoshop, you would just be using selection tools.  There are several different ones to choose from.  Circular, Rectangular, Point to Point and Freehand.  You would just outline the item and cut it out.  I would assume Paintshop has the same functionality.
I use photoshop, but this should be very easy to go in paintshop also.

You can only do transparencies in gifs or pngs, so keep that in mind.  Simpliy color around the door handle with one color (preferably somethung close to the color you will be dropping the handle on) and choose that color as the transparency color when saving the gif or png.  That will make that particular color transparent when it is saved.  So obviously, you do not want to pick a color that is too close to the door handles color, or you might end up with some of the handle being transparent.  Should be very easy.
Type25Author Commented:
OK, i've kind of got that far....

However, I'm looking at making around 500 of these pictures transparent. Colouring around them individually is going to take ages :(
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Well, Your best bet is probably going to be to use a more robust application, but see if Paintshop will do this.  If not, you will need to get a hold of photoshop.

Draw a circular selection around the doornob
Paste the knob onto its own layer
Hide the layer it was originally on.

This will leave you with the doorknob on its own layer with no background.

Save as gif or png... should be no need to specify color.

If the doorknobs happen to be in the exact same place on each picture, which I doubt they are, you could set up an action to repeat this process on all 500 pictures without manual intervention.

Hope this helps.
Type25Author Commented:
unfortunately, the images are random, some are circular, some are completely different.

Is there a tool you can use to manually specifiy points on the images and then 'cut it out' ?

Type25Author Commented:
okey dokey, if that's the quickest way of doing it then that's what i'll need to do.

Thanks for the help
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