Windows 2003 Server Services.exe out of control

Having performing an ill-advised installation of Ricoh's scanrouter V2 lite on an Windows 2003 Active Directory Server,
services.exe is now using 152000k and consuming 95%+ of CPU.
When running the services panel , i cannot see anything onthe extended tab, only the standards tab.
Per Ricoh's instructions i manually removed the rds and rdcab folders and eliminated all references to scanrouter in the registry.
Unfortunlately, i could not remove the legacy scan router references.
Using msconfig i found and turned off a 'delivery service' startup entry and also turned of a Ridoc Server Information record in the services list.
I've run out of ideas. This is urgent as this machine is our primary file server as well as the domain controller. It is still of some use so down time
must be kept to a minimum while trouble shooting

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Do a system restore to a point right before you loaded the Ricoh software. Error code 'COM 10022' =invalid argument (not bind), thats why services is freeking out. It's stuck in a 'attempt to resolve instruction/report error/reload argument' loop. Hope this helps you out...Booda2us
meyerworksAuthor Commented:
Another piece of information..
Viewing the application event i am being flooded with COM 10022 errors
meyerworksAuthor Commented:
I'm not quite sure how i might do a system restore.
Can you elaborate ..I've never tried one on a server let alone a Active Directory Controller
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I take it they didn't have an unistall package?

Is this the only DC in the Domain?  

Do you have a current good full backup and one from from before the installation?

Before you make too many modification make sure you have a good current full backup of the server (it may barely work right now but it is working).  The next time you can afford some down time (after business hours):

Before doing anything else:
1.  Create a test user account in AD and wait for replication if more than 1 DC is in the domain

The system restore route is the easiest so I'd try that first:  
1.  Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > "Restore my computer to an earlier time"
2.  Choose the most recent restore point prior to installing the scanrouter app (one was probably created just prior to installation)
3.  Reboot and test the machine
4. Verify the test user account exists and password is correct

If unsuccessful you have still have a couple of options: restoring from backup; and manually deregistering any components left over from the scanrouter app.  I walk you through the restore if necessay, but how that is done will depend on the number of DCs in your domain.
meyerworksAuthor Commented:
There is only one DC
Control Panel/Remove Programs generated an install shield error ( ikernel.exe) could not be launched.
Therefore I was advised by Ricoh to delete their application folders ( rds and rdcab) , then delete all references to scanrouter in the registry.
Is there any way to track errors that are being written to the application event log: source COM, error code 10022, user N/A?
Would this error indicate that an exe, listed in the registry, trying to load, can't be found?

meyerworksAuthor Commented:
I can not access the properties of most any object by right clicking
The symptom referred to at the link is exactly what I'm experiencing.
To sum up:

machine is the one and only active directory domain controller and dns server

Services.exe is consuming 152000k.
double clicking on My computer does nothing.
I can not see anything on the extended page when viewing events, only the standard tab.
I can not right click on component services when running dcomcfg in order to access the properties for anything.

I see references to 2 objects under dcom that i think should be removed but there is no action taking place when i try to delete them ( what are the registry locations for DCOM entries in component services?)

meyerworksAuthor Commented:
I was hoping for a little more i feedback from the 'experts' community, i suppose the well has run dry so you can call it closed if you like.
It is better if you, the asker closes the Q. If you find none of the posts helped and you don't want to give them any points, just follow the link above which will tell you what to do in such a case. Thanks.

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