Exchange Message tracking says an email has been delivered but...

it never hits the mailbox.

Let me explain further.  We have a Barracuda anti-spam firewall.  I can see the email was allowed, and I can redeliver it.  When I check Exchange Message Tracking I see that it's being routed to the mailbox.  However, as I explained before, it never ends up in the mailbox.  Final disposition on this particular mail is:  SMTP Store Drive:  Message delivered locally to Store to

Anyone encountered this?  I need help finding out why this mail never hits the mailbox!

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On the basis of the tracking log, I would presume that the email message has hit the mailbox unless the user can prove otherwise. Time and time again I have seen rules, views and other settings hide messages that have been delivered but the user can't see.

Is it happening with all of the users?

If yes there might be logical corruption in the database..

You can try running isinteg on mailbox store.


We can also try disconnecting user's current mailbox and creating the new mailbox for the same user and check if he is able to receive the emails and see those or not!
reuniontitleAuthor Commented:
thanks for the responses...

this is only happening for one user, and i've opened up their mailbox, redelivered the message, and watched only to never have the message delivered...

i will try disconnecting the mailbox and creating a new one...
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