vbscript - Out of Memory - 800A0007

Posted on 2006-06-14
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
When I run the code below I get this error message on the second record processed in the loop (Line 101). The text file that I'm searching is very large (129 mb). Also all the data in the file is on one line. Any ideas why I'm getting this error? Can I clear out the memory after each loop? If so, what is the code to do that.

Below is the code from my .vbs file....
dim objConn
dim objRs
const ForReading = 1
const TristateFalse = 0
dim strSearchThis
dim objFS
dim objFile
dim objTS
dim objOutput
dim strFileName
dim sDB_USER
dim intCount
dim strCurrentDateTime

sDB_USER = "UserName"
sDB_PASSWORD = "Password"

strCurrentDateTime = right("0000" & cstr(Year(Date())),4) & _
                 right("00" & cstr(Month(Date())),2) & _
                 right("00" & cstr(Day(Date())),2)

'Open dialog to select file to process.
dim ObjFileSeleted
dim InitFileSeleted
dim strFileSelected
Set ObjFileSeleted = CreateObject("UserAccounts.CommonDialog")

ObjFileSeleted.Filter = "Text Documents|*.txt"

ObjFileSeleted.FilterIndex = 3

ObjFileSeleted.InitialDir = "C:\"

InitFileSeleted = ObjFileSeleted.ShowOpen

If InitFileSeleted = False Then
    Wscript.Echo "Script Error: Process canceled!"
    strFileSelected = ObjFileSeleted.FileName
End If

'Select folder to save output file.
dim objShell
dim objBrowseFolder
dim objBrowseFolderItem
dim strFolderSelected
Const MY_COMPUTER = &H11&
Const OPTIONS = 0

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objBrowseFolder = objShell.Namespace(MY_COMPUTER)
Set objBrowseFolderItem = objBrowseFolder.Self
strPath = objBrowseFolderItem.Path

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objBrowseFolder = objShell.BrowseForFolder _
    (WINDOW_HANDLE, "Select a folder to save output file:", OPTIONS, strPath)
If objBrowseFolderItem Is Nothing Then
End If

Set objBrowseFolderItem = objBrowseFolder.Self
strFolderSelected = objBrowseFolderItem.Path

'Open files.
set objFS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set objFile = objFS.GetFile(strFileSelected)
set objOutput = objFS.OpenTextFile(strFolderSelected & "Output_" & strCurrentDateTime & ".txt", 2, true)

'Write header record.
objOutput.write ("START: " & NOW() & vbcrlf & vbcrlf)

intCount = 0

'Connect to database and cycle through records.
set objConn = createobject("ADODB.Connection")
objConn.ConnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server};" & _
                         "Server=ServerName;" & _
                         "Database=DatabaseName;" & _
                         "Uid=" & sDB_USER & ";" & _
                         "Pwd=" & sDB_PASSWORD

set objRs = createobject("ADODB.Recordset")
objRs.ActiveConnection = objConn
strSQL = "SELECT LEFT([Field1],9) as FIELD " & _
       "FROM [Table1] " & _
       "WHERE [Field1] IS NOT NULL " & _
       "AND RIGHT([Field1],1)='S' " & _
       "ORDER BY [FIELD]"
objRs.Open strSQL,,3,3,1

      set objTS = objFile.OpenAsTextStream(ForReading, TristateFalse)
      'Search for current value in recordset. Print record if found.
      strSearchThis = objTS.Read(objFile.Size)

      IF instr(strSearchThis, "REF*SY*" & objRs("FIELD") & "~") > 0 THEN
            'Found it. Write out record.
            objOutput.write (objRs("FIELD") & vbcrlf)
      END IF
      intCount = intCount + 1

'Write trailer records.
objOutput.write (vbcrlf & "TOTAL RECORDS PROCESSED: " & intCount & vbcrlf)
objOutput.write ("FINISH: " & NOW())

'Close all open objects
set objRs = Nothing
set objConn = Nothing
set objFSO = Nothing
msgbox ("Finished")

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Question by:actmanre
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Accepted Solution

hiteshgupta1 earned 1500 total points
ID: 16910545
didn't get the time to look at ur code3
but just wanted to confirm
have u created FSO and File Objects for once only or not??

Author Comment

ID: 16910704
The FSO object is created only once. The objTS object is set, then I search for a string, and then close objTS in the while loop. Is this not correct?

Author Comment

ID: 16911488
I moved the code...
     set objTS = objFile.OpenAsTextStream(ForReading, TristateFalse)
     'Search for current value in recordset. Print record if found.
     strSearchThis = objTS.Read(objFile.Size)
...to above the while statement and the other code....
...to below the wend statement and I did not get the out of memory error message.

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