GUID is used for?

Hi, i have been reading up on interop recently and i have found out there are many codes that requires the use of GUID. May i know what is a GUID for? and how can i get a GUID?
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ZeonFlashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The function that lojk referred to is:

Dim Guid As String = System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString()
GUID = Globally Unique IDentifier.

One way to "get" a guid is from SQL as a "NewId"
lojkConnect With a Mentor .Net and Infrastructure ConsultantCommented:
.net has a createguid function i believe but ive never really had any reason to use it.. It usually adds GUIDs itself where it needs them (i.e .net Components that are exposed via COM)...
lojk.Net and Infrastructure ConsultantCommented:
yep... thats the monkey...
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