Can a resource mailbox be seen in Public Folders?

We are running Exchange 2003 on a Win 2k3 server.  We currently have our conf rooms set up as public folder calendars with mail enable turned on.  This allows us to have the ability to invite the conf rooms as resources to meetings, and posts the the information out in Public Folders for all to see.  But it does not have the abiltiy to auto accept or decline the meeting based on room availabilty.  After doing some research, I see that we can set up a resource mailbox.  From what I understand, that means that we would set up a user account, log in and set the calendar options accordingly, and disable the ability for the account to recieve emails.  But if we do that, would that mean that everyone would have to go add each resources profile to their outlook?  Is there a way to set up a resource calendar, and have it viewed in Public Folders?  Or is there a way to have Public Folder calendars auto accept meetings?  We have about 10 conf rooms and about 150 employees.  It seems that if they added each of these resources to their individual outlook accounts, it would get very confusing.  Let me know if you need more info.  Thanks.
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ppuroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You actually don't need to add the resource mailbox in each user's profile as I told you earlier.

Just need to enable auto accept agent

Auto Accept Agent Deployment and Administration Guide

JasonLattinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Prasad.

But it looks like I would have to add all 10 conf rooms to each persons profile.  That seems like a lot to have in one persons list.  Is there any way to make the resource mailbox show up in Public Folders.  So that all the users would have easy access to see each of these rooms?
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No, You didn't need to configure resource mailbox profile. The best way to use it would be also enable Auto Accept Agent.

Refer the links above n I am sure you can easily do it without any issues.


JasonLattinAuthor Commented:
I don't see how I can do this in your links, can you explain how.  The first link describes how to create the mailbox, and how to set it up to process requests, but does not say how the end users would be able to view the calendar.  The second and third links are the same page.  They talk about adding the resource mailox to each users profiles to see the calendar or to set up delegates, which would have to be every person in our company.  How would the users then see the resource calendar they have access to?  

I need:
- Every person in our company to look in one location (preferably Public Folders) and see the calanders for all our conf rooms
- See which one is available for their time slot
- Go into their own calendar, invite the Conf room as a resource, as well as the other meeting attendees
- Have the Conf room auto accept the meeting if it is available, decline if its not
- Be able to get accept/decline notices from the other people in the meeting

We currently have the rooms set up as Public Folder Calendars.  It allows us to have the central location, but does not allow the auto accept.  If the user books the room from the Conf room Public Folder, they will not get responses from the other people who have chosen to accept/decline.  So currently, they have to set up in two calendars, their own to invite people, and then the Public Folder calendar to block off the room.  I want to see if there is a way to simplify this.

I am increasing the points to 250 to see if anyone has any ideas.  Does anyone know if this is not possible?
Exchange_AdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You stated:
"but does not say how the end users would be able to view the calendar."
Why do ALL the users need to view the resource calendar?
Are you trying to make this more difficult than it really is?

When users plan a meeting they just the users they are going to invite to the meeting as attendees. Then add the Conference Room as a RESOURCE.
At that time they are able to see the free/busy time for the calendar.

To me it seems pretty straight forward what times are avail. and what are not.

Is there a reason that you want all your users to view the calendars of all the resources?

I can see maybe doing this for certain users but not all.

Just my 2 cents worth.
JasonLattinAuthor Commented:
Users would like to be able to see which rooms are available before they book the meeting.  We occupy two floors with 5 conf rooms on each.  Any person can book any room.  Sometimes to do a quick conf call with a customer at a specific time, they would just browse the public folder with all the room calendars, and determine which room they want to use.  Then they would then go ahead and book that room.  I believe that mail enabling the public folder calendar does pretty much everything that they need except the auto accept/decline feature.  If the way that I stated how we wanted to have this configured is not possible, that’s fine with me.  I personally think it is fine the way that we have it currently set up.   I would just like to let the managers know that I have researched this, and present them with the different possibilities.  

And from what I have gathered it is one of two things:

I can set up a resource mailbox, with the auto accept and decline.  But to view that rooms free and busy, you would have to set up the appt, add the room as a resource, and then see its free/busy or add each resource mailbox to each users profile.


I can leave it set up as public folder calendars, with mail enabled.  Users can view the rooms schedule thru public folders.  They can invite the room as a resource when they create the appt in their own calendar, they just won't get the auto accept/decline.

Does that seem correct?  Please let me know if I off base or if you have any other suggestions.  I appreciate everyone’s input.
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