Using TextBold in MailSend

I have  a form which upon selecting a Submit button, sends an email.  Is it possible to make certain words of the email bold or a change the color so that it stands out to the person receiving the email?  I am using formula language.

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brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
in Formula there is not a way that I know of. If you convert to using Lotus script then you can look at the NotesRichTextStyle class
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I think it's not possible. Even in LotusScript you cannot do everything you want, boldface is possible but changing colours isn't. You could try to send HTML emails, but that's quite a lot of work, since you have to bypass the normal Domino send mechanism. See
    http:Q_20432381.html "Using LotusScript to send HTML email"
marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way you can change the color using @Commands is to open the mail form and compose it:

@Command( [TextBold] );
@Command([EditInsertText];"Here is some Text in Bold Red" + @NewLine);
@Command( [TextBold] );
@Command([EditInsertText];"Now this should be regular stuff")

Otherwise you are left with NotesRichTextStyle, NotesRichTextParagraphStyle class and so on as BRWIggins says.

Using script, you can indent, change color, add a button and do a lot of things with your email that you cannot do in formula language.

I typically start my email reminders with a BOLD RED: Escalation Notice!   (within minutes, the problem would be addressed - amazing what a little color can do for an email)
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Steve KnightConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultancyCommented:
sjef, why do you say you can't do colours in LotusScript?  As the others say it is quite possible, I have a few manually craeted "newsletter" style reports sent out in rich text using code like this, a snippet is here if it gives you some pointers:
'Setup rich text parameters
      Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem( newsDoc, "Body")
'Start of message body
      richStyle.Bold = True
      Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle)
      Call rtitem.AppendText("Please review ......  You can click on the links next to each item to open each document.")
      Call rtitem.addnewline(2)
'Fixed pitch font, Heading Underlined, Blue so headings line up with data without tables
      richStyle.Underline= True
      Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle)
      Call rtitem.AppendText("LINK" & "  " & View.columns(3).Title)
'Turn off underline, blue leaving in Courier font
      richStyle.Underline= False
      Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle)
      Call rtitem.addnewline(2)


Ends up working really nicely though all these options are somewhat harder than @MailSend...

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So sorry...:-$

Luckily I said "I think it's not possible". It seems that there are ways in R6 to create new colours (CreateColorObject) and fonts (GetNotesFont). I have yet to try these gadgets, and I wonder how the results are when the mail is sent out to an Internet address.
Colors work, fonts work if the other person has the font.  When you start creating tables, or embedding objects, not sure.   Then, I think, you have to use the mime objects and reference the notes address on a server that is available to the sender, like sending a web page.   Could be wrong, haven't  tested html email lately :)
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