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Failing backups

Recently I have just replaced SCSI Sony 400C 8mm tape deck with a Sony 400V tape deck.  

Now the backups fail.  The engine (bengine.exe in the services) will stop.  This will occur both on the manual back up, and automatic backups.

The Dr. Watson error reads 'bengine.exe Exception access violation (0x0000005) address 0x77a1a591'

NT Server4 SP6a
Seagate backup Exec 7.0 (719)

If you require more infomation please let me know.

1 Solution
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Are you sure that version supports that hardware?  Any plans on upgrading that ancient system?
That error is typically associated with a program creating a location in memory but not holding it, so it closes, when the program attempts to access it later, it's not there.  

There could also be a conflict with another program that's using that memory space.  Try closing everything else and running it, just to see if it works.  If it does, restart each program you closed and try the run again.  Eventually you'll find the problem child, if that's what it is.

You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling Backup Exec with the new drive in place, so it finds it and sets it up from the start, rather than attempting to rewrite its info for it after the fact.  
I would start with doing a Windows Backup and see if you are able to put data on the tape drive. If so, then I'd look into a driver or hardware incompatibility. If Windows Backup doesn't work, start checking your hardware.
NTChallengedAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long to reply.  We have just received our replacment Drive, a SDX-450V internal.  This morning I checked the backups and the PDC Incrementals worked.  They haven't worked properly for weeks, so that is a positive.  I didn't get to check the Email incrementals, as I was away most of the day.  They backup at 12miday (not good I know).  We only have one drive.  As for an upgrade, I wish!  While we tingle with PII 350's with NT4, the rest of the world are up to date on Active Directory.  

I think the problem lay at when I originally replaced the broken SCSI drive I should of deleted it from the Tape drives from within the Control panel.  As when I did this this time the add new hardware wizard from within Backup 7.0 added the drive for me.  I then tried to conduct a backup but this instantly came up as a fail.  So I deleted the job and scheduled a new one, then ran it.  This worked, so did the backups that night.  One more test a full backup on Friday.  If they work then all is well.  So problem could of be one of two things.  A faulty drive, or that I didn't install the drive correctly.  

Monday will hopefully close this case.

Thanks guys for your input.  It has helped.
I'll see you monday.

NTChallengedAuthor Commented:
First off I would like to appologise for not closing this question sooner.  This is not a web site I want to neglect!

   I chose lbbcsg's answer as this was the closet to the answer.  The problem was corrected when I reinstalled the drivers of the SCSI drive.  I deleted all tape drives and drivers from both NT4 Server and from the Backup Exec software, then reinstalled from scratch.  After that backups have been working fine.  

   As for updating the network, apparently this will be done late this year or early next.  Unfortunately I wont be here to be part of it.  Spewin.  

   Again I appologise for my lateness to finish this post.  Experts Exchange has help me out a lot in the past.

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