Sending and Receiving SMS on Nokia 3120

Hello experts,

 I am doing a project on "SMS controlled computer". On the computer a C# will be running
all the time with a mobile phone connected to that computer.

  The program will be polling the sms inbox to check any message have arrived and if there is any message it will take some action based on that message like "shutdown", "restart", "download" a file from the internet, scheduling jobs etc.

  In most of the mobile phones the arrived message is saved directly to the phone and not to the sim. For example Nokia 3310, 3315 stores to sim but Nokia 1100, 2100, 3100, 3120 stores to the phone directly.
  So i am not bothered whether the message is stored on sim or phone.My requirement is that the coding should be capable of reading the message as soon as it arrives absolutely without any human interaction.

  On any mobile the message will be saved to the phone as soon as it arrives. There is product from group which is capable of reading messages from sim memory and "NOT" from phone
memory. so this product is useless to me. if i once store that
indivisual message manually to the sim card using "Save to archive" then this product can read it as the message is in sim card now. but this product is useless to me as it requires human interaction of saving message to sim memory. There is no option in the mobile phone like "Save arriving messages to SIM directly". If this option was there then my problem will be solved but it does not exist on my mobile or any other mobile that i have seen.

  So finally i want to know the Model of the mobile phone for which which we can read the sms absolutely without any human interaction. I am not bothered whether the sms is stored to phone or sim. the coding should just read it as soon as it arrives..
 Recently i purchased the Nokia 3120 (very similar to 3100 with the shape of buttons modified). This is a series40 handset. I have the DKU-5 cable too. If you can suggest the code for this hand set i will retain this else i am prepared to buy a new for which the code is compatible. I have heard about AT commands but dont know how to implement them. Please explain me this concept too.

I think you understand my requirement..
If not i wil always to ready to explain more abt this..

I will be waiting for your expert replys..

Thanking you

Rajiv Sinha
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imarshadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I will go for a GSM Modem rather then a Phone..... GSM Modems are specifically made for such applications and are operated by a standard "AT Command set". You can easily read/write SMS from GSM Modems using a simple application written in any language (VB, C# and VB.NET etc.) This application will simply send AT commands to the GSM Modem on the serial port..... We are using Maestro 20 Modems from Fargo (Wavecom) in our application for about 4 years now without any problem......

If you want more information do reply to my post....
shantanu-biswasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Rajiv,

I agree with Imran... GSM Modem is better than phone handset. Especially with Nokia phones whjere there is a complication of using the right cable and the right driver and add to that the problem that many of them do not support AT Commands (and you have no way to find that out without actually using it). So... modems are better.

However... irrespective of whether you wish to use a phone or a modem... Have a look at the following link:

It can be used with a modem or a phone (if it supports AT Commands)... and it can read SMS from SIM memory and ME memory as well. Allows you to define programatically where to store the incoming messages (SIM or ME). Most importantly, the new message event feature might eliminate that whole confusion of message memory type.

Most importantly you wont require to know or understand AT Commands for using it and the download includes sample codes in VB.NET and C# and a great developer reference manual.

Works only with .NET Framework 2.0 though

If you are still with .NET Framework 1.0/1.1 then you will probably have to use the ActiveX component version which is at:



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