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hotmail account has been stolen... :@

hi everybody.

Is there a way to restore a stolen hotmail email account.??

3 Solutions
stolen means?
t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
hacked and change the password
write down to Hotmail Support team, they will rechange the password for you, and will mail back to you, but you will have to provide the exact information which you used while creating your account.
the other way is obviously, "rehack" your account! ;)
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t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
thanks for the quick response

..the hotmail account i created with fake data... it is a free acount and i am using not true data... not true name nor dates of birth nor address?

is there a way to get suppot from hotmail support team ? or is there another way around

>  it is a free acount and i am using not true data... not true name nor dates of birth nor address?
really doesn't matter that you used wrong names and addresses, you will have to provide the exact names and addresses whihc you used while creating the account, plus your secret question and password etc etc
t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
what i meant that my data is chosen randomly... i don't remember them ..

does giving them my previous password work??

t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
i mean without the name and address .or other info??
you can always try..... tell them the situation clearly, that is you chose some random detials which you cannot remember, but the old passowrd and username is this and this, which is hacked by someone n bla bla!
i think they will ask about the secret question you set for password..... but not sure.... you write to them first.... and let's check out how they can help you! :)
t_itaniumAuthor Commented:
ok i'll try and get back to you.. thanks
good luck :)
If the account has been accessed by anotrher and passwords and security information has been altered you will find that the Hotmail support team will not provide any assitance if you are unable to confirm the current security information.

They are notoriously unhelpfull in such situations and I have seen several questions posted here where even a user with a paid for (subscription) hotmail account is refused help from hotmail support.  Even where they are still paying a monthly fee with their credit card!  They will just send you standard replies pointing out they cannot help as you cannot confirm the security questions/password etc.

Good Luck (you will need it).
To retrieve your password if you do not have a hint

If you cannot use the automatic password retrieval system, please send MSN Hotmail the following information about your account. We must receive this information for verification purposes. Hotmail will not under any circumstances reset a password without this information, correctly presented.

Hotmail’s official advice on what to do if you forget your password (continued)

Login Name
Zip Code
Telephone Number
Year of birth
The Addresses Saved in Your Address Book
Names of Folders in Your Account
Approximate Date of Last Successful Login
Approximate Date of Registering Your Account
Any Hotmail Premium Services You Use

For security reasons, and to help you regain access to your account as quickly as possible, all requests for help regarding passwords MUST be sent ONLY to the following address: service_x@hotmail.com


Maybe the hacker who hijacked your Email has changed only your password and the secret Question and not the other infoz :)

regards :)

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