Out of Office Assistant not working


We have a SBS2003 server with 6 clients running off it.

The CEO is on annual leave and setup his out of office assistant. This had been working before. The CEO is using Outlook 2000.

Now, when someone internally sends him a mail, they get the out of office reply, but this does not happen for external mails.

I thought for a moment that it may be down to allow out of office replies not being ticked in default properties of Internet Message Format under global settings in Exchange System Manager but I checked that it is ticked, and Out of Office is working externally for other users.

I have seen articles telling me to use mdbvue32.exe but that pertains to Exchange 2000 and I can't find that on my SBS CD's

Any ideas?

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Well, I have a very nice and a really Quick resolution of the out of office problem, it worked for me 10/10 times.

Use CleanSweep, How to install and use it is mentioned in the article


Steps 1

Copy the attached "Clnswp32.dll" file in to the system to the following location:


Steps 2

•      Click on Start
•      Click on Run
•      Type      regedit
•      Click Ok.

Go to the following location in registry editor window.


•      Click on Edit
•      Click on New
•      Click on String Value
•      Change the New String Value name from “New Value #1” to “Clnswp”
•      Double Click on this String Value

Type “4.0;C:\WINDOWS\System32\clnswp32.dll;2” in the Value Data field and Click Ok

•      Close the registry editor

Step 3

Open Microsoft Outlook

Highlight the folder on which you wanted to run under your mailbox or personal folder.

• Click on Tools --> Clean Sweep…
• Mark the appropriate Checkboxes under Clean Sweep window and click Ok.

If u r using exchage 2003 then , the out of office reply is disabled by default for external users and u need to enable it if u want that they should aso recieve thses replies .

Go to ur global settings in echange , them click on internet message formats , on right pane right click on default and choose advanced from the tabs , now u will see a check box which says out of office responces , check it and close ,

This should enable ur out of office replies to external users ok

Amitspeedstar - If you read the question carefully, darraghcoffey has mentioned that he has already enabled it from global settings and OOF is working fine for other users.

darraghcoffey - Have you tried disabling the OOF for the user and then enabling it?

you can download the tool from the following link

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darraghcoffeyAuthor Commented:
rakeshmiglani - do you mean disabling and then enabling from within Outlook, or somehere else?`
                    -  thanks for the link, will that tool work with Exchange 2k3 ìntegrated with SBS?

Amitspeedstar - rakish is correct - I have checked that already and OOF is working fine for other users
disabling it for the user from outlook. and then wait for few minutes and close outlook. then open outlook and enable it

the tool will work with E2k3 SBS also
Could be rules causing a problem. If the user has many rules then I have seen that cause "odd" issues with OOTO.

Also, keep in mide it will wipe out all the rules you may have on the mailbox you run this tool.
darraghcoffeyAuthor Commented:
mkumar23 - that looks promising but where do I get the Clnswp32.dll file?
darraghcoffeyAuthor Commented:
This is getting really weird...

Ok, I downloaded the mdbvu32.exe and was following this article


I can see 5 different "associated messages", one of them is clearly the junk mail rule, but I can't identify the other four.

I'm still no closer to finding Clnswp32.dll


I disabled OoO and removed Outlook from the client machine. Rebooted, then re-installed Outlook again.


As you can see I'm attacking it from 3 different angles.

I then sent 3 mails from an internal account and 3 mails from an external account.

The internal mail a\c got 3 replies. The external mail a\c got 1 reply!!!!!!!!!!

This doesn't make any sense

I'm increasing the points value because if anyone can solve this they are a genius!!
Do you have surtainlocation where I can post it, I don't know how to attache it here?
You can download this file from following link

darraghcoffeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks a mil mkumar23, Clean Sweep worked a treat!!
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