Automount passwordless NT Shares as Administrator via /etc/nsmb.conf

I'm creating a bash script to automount remote NT Partitions via samba. I have configured my /etc/nsmb.conf so that the passwords are automatically looked up. A snippet of my /etc/nsmb.conf looks like this:


The command I use in the bash script to mount the Shares is:
mount_smbfs //ADMINISTRATOR@NTSERVER1/Share$ /root/mnt/NTSERVER1

All the above work as a charm when the password for the ADMINISTRATOR at the remote NTSERVER is not null. However, we have a box that has a passwordless Administrator account. We call this Dummy ;) When I try to mount Dummy's Share using the bash script I mentioned earlier, it refuses to mount it unless I press the CR as it prompts for password. I'm mounting the share as normal with:

  mount_smbfs //ADMINISTRATOR@DUMMY/Share$ /root/mnt/Dummy
  Password: [here I press the CR and it mounts it just fine]

I tried adding the following to my /etc/nsmb.conf but with no luck:

As you noticed, I tried to leave the password field blank but the script again prompted me for password.

What I want to do is somehow pass a Newline to the mount_smbfs //ADMINISTRATOR@DUMMY/Share$ /root/mnt/Dummy command in the script so that I don't get prompted for a password or tell nsmb.conf that the password for Administrator@Dummy is blank.

Thx in advance for any help.
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RomModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Question closed - 75 points refunded.

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try this :
is it working?
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
Sorry Funcod but no.
As an alternative, I tried creating an empty file which I call Newline and contains a newline only [I created a file pressed CR and saved it]. Then I appended that file to the mount_smbfs //ADMINISTRATOR@DUMMY/Share$ /root/mnt/Dummy as follows:

mount_smbfs //ADMINISTRATOR@DUMMY/Share$ /root/mnt/Dummy << `cat /folder/subfolder/NEWLINE | head -n1`
but still no good.
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try alt+0160 or alt+255
its the code for space
if that doesnt work try
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
Still no good. Still asks for password. Apart from trying what you suggested, I also tried ALT+015 in ee, it prompted me to insert ascii code, I entered 013 [CR] but nothing.
u need to use CR+LF (carriage return + line feed)
it should work

PhreonxAuthor Commented:
I tried that but with alt+013 the cursor jumps to a newline and then when I press alt+010, ^@ appears. I run the script but still prompts for password.
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
I know it's very frustruting. A seemingly straightforward procedure taking so long to figure out how to do it. Thx for your time Funcod.
1) it must be done using the number pad
2) your script
-type it using your nt notepad (remember to rename it to the right extension)
-move it to the right folder
-in your script u can try :
 a) alt+010 only
 b) alt+010"+"alt+013
 c) alt+013
you shouldn't get the ^@
it should work unless you havent done the script right
and password=* or password="*" should have worked with nt btw.
good luck
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
I'll try what you recommended when I get home. Im too tired to troubleshoot anything right now. Thx again
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out what's wrong with the nsmb.conf and it doesn't accept blank passwords. Unfortunately, I could not find a solution. So Funcod, if you agree I would like to close this question, setup a bloody password at the Dummy box and get this thing over with because I can't spent much more time on this matter.
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
Thx for all your help. Closing now
it does not run nsmb.conf for password for obvious reasons. password is read from ~/.nsmbrc if ever.
PhreonxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip gheist but as I mentioned at an earlier post, I've already setup a password for Dummy because at that time, I could not afford to look for an answer to my problem any more. I really appreciate you answering and I will try to implement your solution if a similar situation arises.
I did not pretend to offer solution. Just noticed smth forgotten...
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