Reporting Services - change text color depending on value

This seems like it should be extremely easy to do.

I have a report that just lists quantity and description of a product.

If the quantity is 10 or less, I want the quantity field to display in red, otherwise black.

Where do I put this when creating a report using SQL Server Reporting Services.

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Ved Prakash AgrawalDatabase Consultant/Performance ArchitectCommented:
you need to use expression of color property of textBox.

and apply following expression at there
=IIF(quantity <=10,red,black)

you can apply this ysntax everywhere in report.
e.g. in detail section where this type of thing mostly used or page header , page footer....etc.

but for u r situation should be in detail section.

expression can be used for most of the property.

LATurkAuthor Commented:
Thank You.  I could not figure out where to put the statement at.
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