VPN error 619 on any second pc


I get the 619 error on a second pc whenever I try to connect. If I disconnect one user the other goes through perfectly. Problem is both cannot be connected at the same time.
Router Linksys AG241
WinXP SP2 on both machines

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Many routing devices will only support 1 pass-through VPN session. The AG241 will support 5, if it has the latest firmware. Might there be any other devices in the path restricting access, or are you using an older firmware version? It sounds like you have a single session limit somewhere.
Also are the 2 users trying to connect to the same site? If so that is not possible as there will be routing issues. Connecting from same site to same site with a VPN client will not work. You need to set up a VPN router to VPN router tunnel (hardware to hardware) for multiple users.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks wayach,
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