Exchange server 2003 setup

Dear All,

I am new to exchange server 2003 and i am installing new exchange server.So advice me security policy for new exchange server.

I want to setup exchange server 2003 in follwing way...

Users will be on domain controller...
Exchange server will be on other machine..
SMTP on other machine...
POP3 on other machine...
& most importent thing is i want to configure SMS server for exchang server...complete installation of exchange server 2003...

one thing i want to know is there any virutual thing that i can use to learn the exchange server becaseu i have only one laptop for this.

some one told me virual pc is avilable but i tried still serching so guys pl advice me...

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have users in two offices then simply provide both offices with Internet connection and point your MX records at both servers. As long as the servers can see each other (perhaps over a VPN setting) then Exchange will deliver email to the correct server. In the event of a failure of one site then the other site continues to operate.

For security and disaster recovery those subjects are covered in depth on the Microsoft web site. I would suggest that you go and read those. Providing the sort of in depth information that you are seeking is beyond the scope of this site. Many of us on here would charge our clients large amounts of money for that sort of information, so we aren't going to give it away for free.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Virtual PC is available for Demo and to buy - - VMWare Server (Beta) is available for free.
You can't split SMTP and POP3 from Exchange. If you want users to be able to use those protocols to access email on Exchange then you need to have users accessing an Exchange server. That either needs to be the Exchange server or an additional Exchange server configured as a frontend server.

Don't understand what you mean by "want to configure SMS server". If you mean the Microsoft SMS Server product, then I wouldn't dream of installing Exchange by SMS. It is a server product and as such should be installed uniquely on to every machine.

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Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
You can snag virtual server 2005 R2 for free from microsoft as well unless that was just a promotional thing when I downloaded it.

mtc_comAuthor Commented:
Yes Kshays,

u r right.I have download it from site.One thing tell me can i setup 4 servers with server 2005 r2 pc.

i want to setup exchange server in secure way so pl tell me the security,disjaster recovery and all.

Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
Well one way to setup exchange is to put a stand along server in the dmz with the exchange server inside the lan and use the dmz server as a relay.  Install antivirus, spam on the server that is not a member of the domain in the dmz and have the exchange server in the lan nice and clean.  I wouldn't be putting the exchange server that is a member of the domain in the dmz though.  Have to open up way too many holes in the firewall for that.

I'm sure sembee can elaborate and provide some good details for you also :D  After all he is considered an exchange Guru here :D


mtc_comAuthor Commented:
See i have 2 offices in india.
one in mumbai and one in delhi.

i want to setup exchange server in such a way that if mumbai office exchange server is crashed then people can use delhi office excahnge server.
in short there will be no effect on server if any site is down.

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