PowerEdge 2650 Rack Mounted Server won't start

I know this is a server question not a desktop question but there didn't seem to be an appropriate place, please correct me if I am being dense...

We have a Dell PowerEdge 2650 Rack Mounted Server that appears to be in permanent standby (according to the led codes we have looked up, blue flashing light on the power button, steady blue light at the information led at the back)

With the power plugged in all the LEDs on the motherboard that I can see are green, (most of which seem to relate to the fans except one which says DS16) and the NIC has both a green led connection and a flickering orange activity led glowing, however the fans aren't actually running...

Additionally the little blue status screen at the front is up and running.

The environment that the server was in was a hot, dusty, store room with no ventialtion, no UPS and there was a tendency for there to be micro power outages (i.e.: about a second, of which serveral occured while replacing the server, including one caused by a shop assistant changing a light bulb) so probably about the worst possible environment you can image (although to dells credit it has survived for 4 years...)

As near as I can gather the hardware thinks everything is tickety boo and that the Server is in Stanby Mode, please refer to OS manual (NT 4.0 SP6, and you thought it couldn't get any worse).

So, before I break this server up for spare parts as anyone got any clever suggestions...?

Not urgent but bugging me, although 4 years old it is good enough to use at one of our stores so it would be nice if it could be revived...
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is it under contract yet?
SNRequipAuthor Commented:
Do you mean is it under warranty or a maintenance contract?  I wish...!

Nope, on my own on this one.  As I say it's more frustrating than anything, the server itself is technically past its use by date however it would be sufficient to redeploy to one of our stores and take me one step closer to achieving my master plan of a one Domain Windows 2003 network...
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Do you know if the system bios, esm, drac and perc driver and firmware is up to date.  If not, I would suggest downloading the latest floppy versions of these and try updating them before taking it apart.
SNRequipAuthor Commented:
Doesn't actually get far enough through to try that out.  managed a cheeky call to Dell support although I am well ouotside warranty period, it sounds like it is time to pull anything valuable out of the carcass and then perform last rights...

Thanks anyway.
go ahead!
umm i mean both of you..

SNRequip you can just pull out good looking stuff and put it on ebay!
GhostMod can close the question as request...

no objection from me !
on the last thought...have you tried a better monitor to check the server? if you are trying to use a spare monitor to check, it might not be able to handle screen resolution. you should be able to see the bootup screen on any monitor though (unless the monitor is very old and takes its own time to show up)

do you know the last set IP address of this machine? you may just hook it up on lan and check if it can be pinged..

i guess you can pull out the drives from this server and put them in another dell poweredge. not sure about the processor and perc cards.

see what stuff is removable. try to push in all stuff so that there are no loose connections and give it a go again...else let it go :-)
SNRequipAuthor Commented:
Hi kiranghag,

The monitor is new, there was no response to ping and we have given it a good dust bust and poke 'n' prod but no joy.

Looks like the end of the road...


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