Changing WI URL to VIP NLB IP DNS address

I haven't played with Citrix since 1999 so basically I'm a newbie. Anyway, I have 2 Windows 2003 Servers running Presentation Server 4.0 with 2003 NLB configured. Under my Web interface configuration the url is the following: 

I would like to change to the VIP DNS name Citrix 

Also, I want to make sure my 2 servers in the YO farm are redundant.
Is it best pratice to have the Citrix License server on a a third machine ?
If that's the case then how would I transfer the license key to another server
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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Changing the URL to your site actually has nothing to do with citrix.  You simply need to add (or modify) your DNS record that points to your server's public IP address.

so if you currently have a record that points to: -- XX.XX.XX.XXX

just make it: -- and put the same IP Address here

Your 2 servers will be redundant by setting up load balancing in your farm.  To do this open the Presentation Server Console, right-click on your server and choose "Load Manage Server".  Choose either the default or advanced load evaluator.

In my opinion you don't need a separate server just for licensing.  It can be on either of your 2 servers.  If that server happens to crash you have 96 hours to get it working again, or transfer the licenses to another server.  In any case I think that is plenty of time.  to transfer licenses to another server you have to re-download them from the website.  You cannot just transfer the license files - it will not work.
cogitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback. I would Like to use NLB  because its based on network load, not terminal server specific metrics.  I have also incorporated Load Manage Server advanced  CPU, memory, disk I/O, etc. Maybe its overkill but I would like to shutdown one server and have the other one accessible by WI.

the current url is Citrix01 ,is the computername . I mean I can  mess with IIS

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