How do I replicate contact data between 2 users contacts? Without having the users use a public folder.

One of our executives has a secretary that controls his contacts.  She maintains his contacts and copys her contacts onto his contacts periodicaly.  Until recently this worked well. Unil the executive began using a verizon pocket pc to sync with his outlook.  Now when he is out of the office and updates contact information, his secretary doesn't know about the changes and her contact information is not updated.

What I want to do is have their contacts synchronize with each other automatically using the newest information.

FYI... We are using Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 on all our desktops.

Is there any built in exchange/outlook tools to do this?  I feel like there has to be... I just don't know how.

If we need a 3rd party program or you know of one that works well.  Please give the specific title of the specific application rather than just the URL of the manufacturer's web site.

Thanks in advance!
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aa230002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When your executive is out of office and updates contact information, i think he works offline and he doesnt have any connectivity to his Mailbox on the exchang server.
In this case, you are talking about syncing the contacts from executive's pocket pc (which is offline) and secretary's mailbox on the exchange server. (for these to sync with each other, you first need a connectivity)

In case, executives syncs his updates on his pocket PC with his contacts folder in his mailbox on the Exchange server even when he is out of office. His secretary should be able to see the updates from executive's mailbox on the exchange server. (I think you have granted access to secretary on executive's contacts folder)

Let me know if i have misunderstood your scenario.

Amit Aggarwal.
popioAuthor Commented:
Our excutive does have exchange connectivity when he is out of the office via a wireless CDMA modem and an intellisync "type" of application.  And yes, his secretary does have access to all his contacts on the exchange server.  However the problem lies in that when his updates or adds information to an existing contact (via his pocket pc), she has no way of knowing that a specific telephone number changed, at least, not without the him telling her.  Unfortunatly, our executive will not remember to do that.  The problem with her just checking her contacts against his contacts is besides small incremetal changes mentioned above is that he has over 1000 contacts.  It would take the secretary alot of time to check back and forth everyday and make the necessary changes to her contacts.  That is why we need and automated solution tosync his and her contacts.  Basically, I need his and her contacts to act like a single contact list.

I hope this helps...
If your executive is connected to his mailbox on the exchange server when he is out of office and his contacts folder on the server is always updated.
His secretary just need to open his executive's contacts folder in his outlook for referrence (secretary has access to executive's contacts folder) and need not to copy the contacts from executive's mailbox to his personal contacts folder everytime.

In secretary's outlook - file - open - other user's folder - executive's name and folder = contacts.
Hope this helps

Amit Aggarwal.
popioAuthor Commented:
I recommend that aa230002 get the points... however remove the problem from the database as it is unresolved.   We we're looking for an automated solution to this problem.
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