How to exclude IP address from router scope of address

Hi all,
I have linksys router SEFSR41. Do anybody know how can I exclude any particular IP address in this switch. I would appreciate your help.

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grsteedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have the BEFSR41 and the way it works is on the DHCP tab you specify a starting address and then the number of IP's address in the pool.  So if you want a range "excluded" it has to be before or after the pool addresses  You can't exclude a range in the middle of your pool as you can with other DHCP servers.

So as v_karthik  said if you use a starting address of and 196 as the number of addresses, then you have .200 to .254 available for static assignment.


greatroniAuthor Commented:
Sorry, its model is BEFSR41
Exclude ip address as in? You want to block a machine (with a certain mac address)? Because by default, the router runs dhcp, which assigns ip addresses from a pool of addresses it has. So there is no point in 'excluding' an ip from this. Give your exact use case.
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greatroniAuthor Commented:
Linksys router is addigned to with a subnet mask

My linksys DHCP server will hand out addresses from
the 10.1.105 subnet.  
I have exclude from  to , the whole range of IPs.

I dont want that linksys router assign above mentioned IP address to any machine because these IP will be used for some particular machines.

Question is, Is there any way you can block range of IP address in DHCP server(linksys router) so that it does not assign those IP's to any machine automatically ??? I tried to look in linksys setting but could not find.

v_karthikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How many users are you looking at? I mean if its not too many users, can't u just start from, and limit the maxto .199? I'm sure u would've thought of this, but just asking ...
pendulumxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't know about your particular router, but with my router (DG834), in setup there is a section called LAN IP Setup. It lets me "reserve" specified IP addresses for specified MAC addresses. In your situation on my router I'd just add 20 entries ( through with the corresponding MAC addresses and that would ensure that no other machine got assigned that IP address.

Have a look in the manual for Reservation. When seeing if hardware has a certain function it's often easier to find an electronic version of the user manual and search it electronically for keywords, e.g. "reserve", "assign".
pendulumxCommented: - click User Guide.

Only had a really brief glance (seeing as it's almost 3am) but there appears to be stuff there about setting static IP addresses, worth a read if you haven't already.
v_karthikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The manual for ur router is here -

I looked at page 14 (DHCP configuration) but it doesn't seem to have that feature. Like pendulumx said, some router allow it, my netgear has that feature. But if you dont have that option at all, you need to limit the number of addresses given out thru dhcp. If more users need it, you could perhaps give them static addresses.
greatroniAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot you guys for your feedback. I assume there is no direct way in my router for excluding IP address. I already doing it in some other ways, as mentioned by some of you. e.g. setting max number of addresses and/or starting address.
I will split points.
Thanks again.
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