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Cisco 1721's - A bunch of trouble

We are upgrading our multi-site network, and connecting two sites via a Bellsouth P2P T1. I have purchased 2 1721's with CSU / DSU. Site A will have the internet access with a PIX 515E firewall connected to our corporate concentrator. Site B will ONLY connect to the Internet Via Site A. Not sure where to start. I think I can configure, but any doc's someone may have would be helpful. I am curious if I need to setup any special Access lists, or how I configure site b to connect to Site A's Internet access???
1 Solution
Network would be;

1721 (Site A)----------------------1721 (Site B)

This should be simple enough.

1. Configure the P2P T1 network based on the information you got from ISP.

If you go for HDLC protocol, all configuration that is needed is as below;

int s0
ip address x.x.x.x......
encap hdlc
no shut

Do this on both sides and set clock on any one of the router.

2. On 1721 at Site B, add a default route statement pointing to 1721 at Site A

3. On PIX, add a route statement for SiteB pointing to 1721 at Site A



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