listen to full song online

I need some websites allow listening to full songs online. And, of course they should have a large store of songs.
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sof_combatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Rhapsody, there is a free subscription plan that allows you to stream 25 tracks per month (at 128Kb/s WMA).

Other sites where you can download songs (not free, some offer free TRIALS):

Yahoo Music Unlimited:
Music Giants:
Virgin Digital:
MusicMatch on Demand: (Yahoo owns this, separate from Yahoo Music Unlimited)
v_karthikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yahoo radio is one option. You can pick ur favorite artists, and it plays from those, and also plays related ones. You can rate the song then and there so that it doesnt play again or plays more often. Download yahoo messenger for free and use the radio option.
rizwanafzalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

They have an IM Radio which you can download. Its basically audio streaming from people sharing titles. Has good categorized search.
cooleditConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi, there

Why not try the Winamp it has lots of radio stations you can record them,
it will automatically split them to single MP3. It can even get the info from the radio station what is played...

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