Perl: Activeperl: Only 62 perl exe's allowed to run at a time?

Is there a limit of how many perl exes can run on a winXP system at one time?

EXE's are compiled with perl parser (PP)

I have been able to load 62 at once but can't seem to get beyond it. Is there a memory limit? Can I change whatever limit is keeping me from doing what I need?

If I try and open a perl exe beyond the 62 or so, it simply closes without cycling. I also noticed when all the 62 programs are running I can't click -> Start menu -> RUN to run the commandline interface - not that I need to do that when it's running though...

I'm threading data through various streams and would LIKE about 1000 exe's running at one time (they don't take much processing power or memory). Actually make that 1002, 1000 "thread" exe's, 1 control program, and one loader.

There is another way I can do it, but it would mean 17 computers that I don't have. =D

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated!!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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Kim RyanConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
You are coming up agaisnt some type of limit, not sure if it is memory(how much free RAM after 37 notepads?). Note if you run out of RAM, XP will chew up disk space instead from the page file. You can increase the page file size through My Computer and then something like systems settings-> advanced??

Maybe you could get some more advice in the WinXP topic area.
dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
PS If there's a perl interpreter limit of some kind, is it possible to run 17 instances of perl on the same computer and point all the various programs to the correct interpreter?

Like #!/usr1/bin/perl
      #!/usr2/bin/perl and so on?

Just curous =D
Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
My guess is that you are coming up against the hardware limits of your PC rather htan anything specific to Perl. Running 62 apps intensively would test most PCs. I would start your sytem monitr (COntrol-ALt-Delete and select System Monitor) before running Perl. Then see how your CPU and memory usage hold up as you increase the number of perl instances.

Also, if you have access to more than one PC, you could look at a distributed solution such as ANTS (for Windows) or grid engine
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dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
When a "thread" loads it only uses 1 - 4% of the CPU power and they are all staggered loads. The thread doesn't ever need to unload and reload itself. Once it is loaded there is 0% processing power when there's no data running through them. They use very little memory as well.

I just can't load more than 62 of them. They are all different names as well. t1.exe, t2.exe on up through.

So I don't understand why I can't load more than 62? I should logically be able to load as many as my computer can handle, which in this case would be a LOT.
Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
Yes agree, 62 seems like any arbitray limit. As a test, maybe see if you can run other apps without problem, like 62 Wordpads?
dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
hummm 16 wordpads, 37 notepads...  so it's memory limits? That seems odd though.

If I have 16 wordpads open I can't open ANY notepads. Is that odd, or is it just me? I should think windows would be able to handle it. Do I have to increase the amount of a kind of memory like I had to in DOS days? :(
dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
On my Gaming system I can open 80 wordpads!

Same amount of "memory" though and same OS type...
dr34m3rsAuthor Commented:
Hummmm good ideas. I am sure it's a WINXP limit of some kind. I'll look into it more, but now I know what the limit is where I didn't before!

Thank you much!

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