Delphi version

Hi what is the best version of Delphi ever

thanks regards
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as i don't have d2005 nor d2006,
i would say d7

meikl ;-)
2266180Connect With a Mentor Commented:
that depends on the user experience. for example I only worked with versions 3,5,6 and 7 so I will definetly say 7.
but I I would work with the other versions as well, I might (or not) change my mind.
atul_parmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For Windows platform D5 remains the first choice.
D7 for classic web applications
D2006 .Net

So it depends on the users interest. e.g. If he wants develop for .Net D2006 is best for him.
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calinutzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Delphi 7 is deffinitely the best there is (for non .NET applications)... and since year 2006 I suggest you
try Delphi 7 Pro Second Edition :) (of course if you have a Delphi 7 Professional License)
Weird... I know... but hey it's not me who built it.
And by the way it's a great ideea (D7SE) but the people from Borland should be angry with the guy who did it (my oppinion)... putting a Delphi pro freely available for download... Considering that I use a Delphi 7 Pro version that costed me almost 1000 euro, and now you can download it and use it freely.
I wonder how long will it be available and the website up?

By the way... the link to the website where you can find it is:

and this is the explanatory text...:

"Welcome to Lite Applications!

Lite Applications exists because we believe in fast and small applications.

Even though many people may not know what the word bloatware means, almost everyone has experienced it in the form of unjustifiedly big and slow software. Windows Vista is the most recent example. With a minimum hardware requirements of 800 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, and 15 GB of free disk space, one would swear that Microsoft receives commissions from the hardware vendors. Now, is there anything in Vista that you can't do in Windows 2000 (133 MHz, 64 MB, 1 GB)? Hardly.

As software developers, and specifically as Delphi developers, we suffered bloatware for the first time in 2004, when Borland proclaimed itself the official .NET bitch, ditched Delphi 7, and tried to replace it with the infamous Delphi 2005 (tied to the .NET Framework, unstable as hell, with huge performance problems, and the Help system unusable). And Delphi suddenly became bloatware. Needless to say that nobody used Delphi 2005 for serious work (those who paid for it have not been compensated though). The next year, Delphi 2006 arrived. Same bloatware, but more stable, still some performance problems, whopping memory leaks, and very bad Help system. That's where our adventure of tweaking Delphi started.

Lite Applications is a place devoted to offering fast and small alternatives to bloated solutions. We use Delphi 7 Second Edition in our everyday work, and our next project is an easy to use database system for the average user who doesn't have the time to learn big and complex programs. Stay tuned!"
So there you have another point of view about which version is best :)
>And by the way it's a great ideea (D7SE) but the people from Borland should be angry with the guy who
>did it (my oppinion)... putting a Delphi pro freely available for download... Considering that I use a Delphi 7
>Pro version that costed me almost 1000 euro, and now you can download it and use it freely.

hm... I can't stop thinking about legel issues. I am not a license expert, but something tells me that you will need a delphi 7 license anyway.
Russell LibbyConnect With a Mentor Software Engineer, Advisory Commented:
Along this topic;

Historically, it has seemed that the odd numbered Delphi versions (1, 3, 5, 7) have always been much more stable and usable than the even numbered vers.

agreed :) though I don't know if that applies to the versions over 7 (>=8)
Still reffering to D7Pro SE, I am pretty sure you need a legal licence to use it in comercial applications. The fact that it is put freely available for download makes me think it will have legal problems with Borland. Or maybe they will hire the guy (who seems very capable by the way). And maybe if they hire him... we might see a Delphi 7 improved to the max available for buying... I do not approve with Borland for discontinuing the offer for Delphi 7... even if it does not provide support for .NET applications... Who sayz that all applications must use .NET? I never needed the .NET so far. maybe later, after Vista will be forced again upon customers, laike all latest MS Windows, maybe then I will be forced to change. But since 2004 till today... i did not feel the need for .NET in my applications.
Anyway... MS is not the issue in this question.
And what is all that fuss about Borland wanting to sell out? Will that be a problem for us developers and customers? This is a question mark I am having for a while now.
I myself wanted to buy 9and still want0 a D7 prof license, but can't find a place that might still have a lost license somewhere :)
related to bortland selling the product line, I don't believe that will have much impact on customers and very little on developers that use the old versions like D7. I'm using teh delphi ide's for 6 years now and never once needed support from borland and there are probably lots of developers in my situation. we only need a license from time to time (chaging work place; for a friend, etc)

but we're getting offtopic now :D there's another topic somewhere on this issue with borland selling , we can continue there if needed.
Wim ten BrinkConnect With a Mentor Self-employed developerCommented:
My personal thoughts:

I am programming in Pascal/Delphi since Turbo Pascal 3. I've bought in the past years Turbo Pascal 6, Borland Pascal 7 and all Delphi versions from Delphi 1 to Delphi 2006. (Pro versions, all.) So I know them all. :-)

I always liked Delphi 2 since it produces very small executables compared with the newest versions. It was also one of the fastest compilers and had very good performance compared to the recent Delphi version. Still, nowadays Delphi 2 would just be too limited in it's options for modern developers and of course the IDE lacks a lot of cool features. But Delphi 2 was in my opinion one of the best versions.

For a long time I donsidered Delphi 5 superior until I got Delphi 7. Then Delphi 7 became my favorite. When I bought Delphi 2005 I still prefered to use Delphi 7 because it starts up faster and the main difference was mostly the IDE. I don't consider the IDE that important. I think the libraries must be stable and the resulting code must work well.

But after I started to use Delphi 2006 I shifted again and my current preference is Delphi 2006. Mainly because of the 'personalities' which make it easier to do cross-language programming. But also because they made some nice improvements in the memory management and a few other things. Besides, Delphi 2006 has good support for namespaces, which I've learned to use in the last few years. And namespaces make it a lot easier to divide your sourcecode into logical groups. (Delphi 7 can use namespaces, btw. But the IDE of Delphi 7 had problems with them.)
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