How to get ok prompt from RSC?

I have a new T2000 server and have accessed to system configuration (SC) prompt. How do I get ok prompt from sc>? The instruction says to type 'break', then 'console'. It stays in blank prompt and did not give me ok prompt.  Any help is appreciated.


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NukfrorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh I get it now ... sorry :)

You want to connect to the console *from* the SP.  Try this:

start /SP/console

and I STRONGLY suggest you read thoroughly before you do anything else the following:

Specifically read the following:

Sun Fire T2000 Server Getting Started Guide
Sun Fire T2000 Server Service Manual
Advanced Lights out Management (ALOM) CMT v1.1 Guide
Sun Fire T2000 Server Administration Guide
Are you using a rollover cable ?  And is your serial connection setup for 9600 / 8 / N / 1 ?
Oh on the T2000, its not a RSC ... its called the SP e.g. Service Processor.
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geotigerAuthor Commented:

What is a rollover cable? Yes, the setting is correct.
JulieBouillonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once at the SC> prompt, issue the "poweron" command.
Then reconnect to the system console using the "console -f" command.
The systems should display various messages, followed by the ok prompt.
When you got the T2000, it should have come with a serial cable.  Anyway, a rollover cable is basically what people think of when they are managing Cisco Routers.  Rollover cables are usually flat (and usually sky blue in color).  They are *VERY* easy to make if you have a crimper.  You basically take a CAT5 cable, cut one end off, line the colored wires up matching the still attached end, "roll" your hand over and crimp a new end on it.

I also found this site recently that shows how to make various "converters" yourself and how a basically walking 5-in-1 cable kit.  I'm planning on making this myself.  This kit includes a mini Rollover converts capabiltiy.
geotigerAuthor Commented:

The link is very helpful in making the cables. I already have the cable and be able to use it to see SC prompt.  The problem is how to get 'ok' prompt from SC.
geotigerAuthor Commented:

OK, I figured it out. Here is the result:

If it is the first time, you need to type "poweron" from sc prompt. To go to the ok prompt, you need to type 'break', then 'console', then hit on enter keys couple of times.  You then can switch back to sc> by typing "#." or whatever that you have set yoru escape key.

Some of your replies help me on getting there. I will split the points shortly.

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