Hi Guys (and girls)

I need to try and find a projector with a usb/usb2 port that will automatically detect powerpoint slides.

The idea is that when we do presentations, we wont need a laptop, we can just plug the USB key into the projector and the presentation (*.ppt) will be automatically detected and will start playing.  It also needs to be able to cope with animations.

The presentations dont user timers, so it will need to have a way of manually jumping up or down a slide or action sequence.

Any suggestions?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The InFocus LP600 has provisions for a memory stick for Powerpoint slides.  It also has a remote for controlling the projector:
NAORCAuthor Commented:
Does it do all the animations?
You might want to contact InFocus or one of their dealers for the answer to that.
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