How to add the dynamic watermark?

How to add the dynamic watermark? That means, the file name and category will be embeded into the watermark. Also, it needs to be displayed in 45 degree angle.
How do I do this?
If necessary, I can split the question into two separate thread if you request so.
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You can add text to any image you want. the whole process is explained in this tutorial the only thing you need to adjust is reading your text in a stream object and add it to the image instead of the way the author adding his text which is from a textbox

do you mean adding the watermark to an image?
chuang4630Author Commented:
I know usually people create a watermark image as the page background. But, given the requirements above, it is quite challenge to accomplish that.

May be we need to add the text into the image, maybe there is other way around. I do not kow.

Anyone on this site knows about it?
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Sorry, I mean

If you want to be able to edit an image at run time thats fine, or a bulk porcess to apply a watermark to all you images, again that is fine , or possible I should say.

My question is though, what image/s are you wanting to apply this too and what are the functions of these images, i.e. as you say background etc...

chuang4630Author Commented:
The image is watermark.jpg (or gif). The text I want to add to is the file name (fileName). The image is used as the page background.
chuang4630Author Commented:
Using GDI+ to add superimpose the text onto the image as page background
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