Connect Crystal Reports 10 to Peachtree 2005

Can someone help me connect Crystal 10.0 to my Peachtree 2005 database?    This is not the Crystal for Peachtree version, just plain crystal reports 10.0.  Not sure how to make the connection, can't find any documentation specific to Peachtree.
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mirtheilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't connected specifically to Peachtree data but since it's Btrieve/PSQL data, you should be able to connect using either the native Btrieve/Pervasive driver or possibly ODBC.  
jshefferAuthor Commented:
I thought it was Btrieve.  So I tried open the datasource by opening "Create new Connection" then "Database File".   I navigate to the network share where my Peachtree Database is and switch the File type to Btrieve.  Then I have 3 DDF files to choose from, Field.DDF, File.DDF and Index.DDF.  These are data dictionaries I think.  I've tried to open all of them and I keep getting "Failed  to load database information" followed by "unknown Query Engine Error".

My first question is, does my approach sould correct?  If so, can you help me troubleshoot the errors.  If not, where is my approach off?

The DDFs are the data dictionaries.  I've always picked FILE.DDF (although I don't think it matters).  The approach sounds correct.  As far as the errors, I'm not sure as Btrieve/Pervasive returns numeric status codes so a "unknown query engine error" isn't going to help determine the problem.  If you can get a better error message, that'll help.
I guess it's possible your Crystal Reports doesn't have the Btrieve driver installed but I would think tht would give a different error.

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jshefferAuthor Commented:
Here is the wisdom I get from the Crystal help application.

Pervasive must be configured correctly for Crystal Reports to read Pervasive databases. If Pervasive is already configured correctly on your system, Crystal Reports can use your Pervasive data immediately upon installation. Crystal Reports automatically installs the Pervasive files that it requires to read Pervasive data. Refer to your Pervasive documentation to make sure the Pervasive engine is configured correctly.

Brilliant!  Says here that Pervasive needs to be configured correctly in order to work and it says that Crystal installs and configures it by default.  This is a brand new install of Crystal.  It should work.
WHat version of Pervasive/Btrieve do you have?  Does it work outside of Crystal?  For example, if you start Peachtree and then start Crystal, are you able to get to the data?
Bill BachConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
The CR Btrieve-level driver is trying to use a native connection.  This means that the Win32 subsystem must be configured for Btrieve.  However, many applications, PeachTree included, do not set up for the "general case", only for their own app.  The solution is to migrate the Btrieve-related files from the PEACHW directory (or whereever they are stored today) to the WINDOWS or WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.  Look for any Btrieve 6.x-related files, including WBTRV32.DLL, W32BTICM.DLL, W32MKDE.EXE, W32MKRC.DLL, W32NR.DLL, W16NR.DLL,  and possibly others.

You can test this by downloading an old Diagnostic tool called WBEXEC32 from either Pervasive's site or our own (  Once this tool works and can open database files without popping an error, then Crystal should be able to do the same.

Please see our web page specific to PeachTree ( if you're interested in running CR with the advanced Pervasive.SQL ODBC drivers, which offer far superior performance and stability over the Btrieve 6.15 included with Peachtree.
jshefferAuthor Commented:
Tried it, no joy.

BillBach, Thanks for your comments.  I only have 3 of the 6 files you mention and they were already in the windows\system32 folder.  There was about 3 or 4 others that seemed like thye might be betrieve related, and they were already in the system32 fodler.   I tried your ftp link and it does not seem to work.  Nor do I see the file on your downloads page.  Please advise.

Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Sorry -- had a typo on the FTP address.  Please use this one: -- the "2" key on my keyboard sometimes doesn't register, but I suppose that just means it's time for a new laptop.  

Since you didn't specify which files you found, I'll assume that they were the Win32 files of WBRTV32.DLL, W32MKRC.DLL, and W32MKDE.EXE, which should be OK, as the others are not likely needed in your case.  If you didn't have these, let me know what you DID find.  And let me know the extra file names you saw, as perhaps that will lend a clue.  If you found a Win16 engine (WBTRCALL.DLL, WBTRVRES.DLL, WBTR32.EXE), then you may have a Win16 version of Btrieve for a Win16 version of PeachTree -- this will NOT work with the Win32 version of CR.  However, I think the last Win16 version was PeachTree 4.

To that end, let's concentrate on getting the Function Executor to work...
jshefferAuthor Commented:
Function executor seems to be working.  I opened Customer.dat and can scroll through my customers.

Sorry, you are correct with the files I found.  WBRTV32.DLL, W32MKRC.DLL, and W32MKDE.EXE.

The others are wbt32res.dll, wbtr32.exe, wbtrcall.dll, wbtrlocl.dll, wbtrthnk.dll, wbtru32.dll and wbtrvres.dll.

Bill BachPresidentCommented:
OK -- so you have BOTH the Win16 and Win32 engines!  Interesting...

So, if WBEXEC32 works, then we know that the Btrieve engine is functioning correctly.  I did run across this in the Pervasive knowledgebase:

>FYI: With Crystal Reports version 9 direct access to Btrieve from Crystal is no longer working
>Description:      With Crystal Reports version 9 direct access to Btrieve from Crystal is no longer working
>Environment:      Pervasive.SQL 2000 Service Pack 4 psql3237
>Solution:      Crystal does not install the Btrieve driver by default now. To get the Btrieve driver in the list, when installing Crystal Reports choose custom option and select to install Btrieve driver from the list.
>Published:      December, 2002

I assume that this is an issue for CR10 as well -- can you confirm that this has been installed properly?

If you had the ODBC drivers, I'd recommend doing that, but most applications didn't distribute the 6.15 ODBC drivers, and they are no longer available for sale.  If upgrading the database is an option, then ODBC will be the easiest solution.  Otherwise, we need a better descriptikon of the errors that CR is getting.  No better error message (as Mirtheil pointed out), right?

Try this:  Start up CR and get it to the error message that you do get, but do NOT clear the error.  Then, load up MSINFO32.EXE and go to the "Loaded Modules" option -- you should see a number of the Btrieve DLL's showing up there.  Please note the location and dates of each Btrieve-related file and submit that.  Also, post the exact error message, if it differs from what you posted above.  We'll hope it offers another suggestion.
jshefferAuthor Commented:
THanks for you help.  My client did not want to buy the software needed to pull the data from Peach Tree.  So I did not get to do it anyway.

Thanks again, I learned a lot.
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