Unable to get network connection

I have a pc that isn't connecting to the network. I am running windows xp pro on a network that worked fine until yesterday.  All of the sudden it just stopped connecting to anything.  I have replace the NIC two times and still no luck. It is set for DHCP but when I doing a ipconfig/all I'm not getting the correct ip address, no default gateway or anything. I have also tried a ipconfig/release but that isn't working either.
Any idea's??
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NAORCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try a loopback ping

open a command prompt and type:

if you get responses its not a network card issue.

Next check the server DNS, DHCP and so on.  Is there an exclusion for your MAC address?  Is your machine disabled in the AD if your on a domain?

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Can you try another network cable ? Or better yet another port (or wall jack) with a different cable.
When you plug in the network adapter can you verify on the network switch that a light illuminates indicating at least a physical connection?
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
what are your TCP/IP settings?  i would force it to use a correct IP by setting a static IP and see if that works.

you might also consider that you have something malicious running on the computer that is blocking you from the internet.  have you run a spyware and virus scan with updated definitions?
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wgallipeauAuthor Commented:
I have tried a different cable and a different port on the computer. I have the green light showing that it a good NIC but nothing on the activitiy light.
All the machines are running the latest version of symantec so I don't think that is a problem.  I can try a virus scan just to be sure.  I can try a static ip as well
Give the machine static IP & then try and ping the DHCP server from it.
If that works fine than again switch it back to Automatic configuration.

>>I'm not getting the correct ip address

Could u do ipconfig /all and give us its output?
wgallipeauAuthor Commented:
I am finally able to get an ip address from the dhcp server. I did some more checking with the loop back and that worked fine also.  The ip address is on the same network as the other computers, I am able to get the same dns server and all but its not recognized when I try to log into the domain,  If I use it as a stand a lone and not on the domain, I am able to get to the internet and everything.
I'm confused why its not recognized when I try to log into the domain.
Any idea's?
Is it some corporate intranet u are trying to logon to? Use a VPN client and connect to their VPN server. Once a tunnel is established between ur computer and their server, you'll become part of the intranet. You can then logon I think.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
do you have TCP/IP settings so that the DNS points to your DNS server?  Also, have you added an entry to WINS with the IP for the DNS server?
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