FileInfo CopyTo Method Fails through mapped drive

Posted on 2006-06-16
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I am trying to use the fileinfo copyto method to copy a file from a mapped drive to the local machine, when i run it, it breaks with a file not found exception, if i just hit continue after it breaks it then works fine. It seems that it is not waiting long enough to find the mapped drive?

code snippet:

FileInfo fi1 = new FileInfo( "J:\\BackUp-" + time.ToLongDateString().Remove( 0, time.ToLongDateString().IndexOf( " ", 0, 20 ) ).Trim().Replace( ",", "" ) + ".BAK" );

FileInfo fi2 = new FileInfo( saveBackupDialog.FileName );
fi1.CopyTo( fi2.Name, true );

I have tried inserting a pause like: System.Threading.Thread.Sleep( 5000 ); between the creation of the file and copying the file but that does not work. (The file is created just before it is copied)
Question by:snogopher
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I have increased the point value as i have tried everything i can think of to no avail.
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Expert Comment

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Can you show the code where the file is created?
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Expert Comment

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Can you also try using,

  fi1.CopyTo(fi2.FullName, true);


  fi1.CopyTo(saveBackupDialog.FileName, true);
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Author Comment

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i tried those and it did not work, here is more of the code

what this code does is have the sql server perform a backup to its local drive which i have mapped as the j drive from my dev machine and i hant to copy that file to my dev machine after the sql server performs the backup.

when i run the code it breaks on the copyto method with a filenotfoundexception and when i hit continue after it breaks it works fine

// Creates backup device
BackupDeviceItem bkpDevice = new BackupDeviceItem( "C:\\BackUps\\BackUp-" + time.ToLongDateString().Remove( 0, time.ToLongDateString().IndexOf( " ", 0, 20 ) ).Trim().Replace( ",", "" ) + ".BAK", DeviceType.File );

                    // Add the backup device to the backup
                    bkpDatabase.Devices.Add( bkpDevice );

                    // Perform the backup
                    bkpDatabase.PercentComplete += new PercentCompleteEventHandler( rstDatabase_PercentComplete );
                    bkpDatabase.SqlBackup( srvSql );
                    bkpDatabase.PercentComplete -= rstDatabase_PercentComplete;

                    FileInfo fi1 = new FileInfo( "J:\\BackUp-" + time.ToLongDateString().Remove( 0, time.ToLongDateString().IndexOf( " ", 0, 20 ) ).Trim().Replace( ",", "" ) + ".BAK" );

                    FileInfo fi2 = new FileInfo( saveBackupDialog.FileName );
                    fi1.CopyTo( fi2.FullName, true );
                    toolStripStatusLabel1.Text = "Back-Up Successful";
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Accepted Solution

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You could try this:

  while (!fi1.Exists)

  fi1.CopyTo( fi2.FullName, true );

Author Comment

ID: 16935774
That works perfectly, also i did a check with an int and it runs through that loop 18 times before it finds the file

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