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Posted on 2006-06-16
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Last Modified: 2013-11-19
Is it worth investing (possibly $2,000.00) into a SEO Company
to help get a web site into the top Google listings?
Are Search Engine Optimization Services worth the investment or
can all the information be found on the web?
Can anyone recommend a good one, if there is one?   thanks
Question by:MikeMCSD
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ID: 16923348
First I want to say that really depends on your market.
What do you pay in marketing currently for your business?
Getting traffic to your site is one thing and can happen but what are you paying for to require $2k a month?
What are they telling you, that you will get?

Be careful if they promise a ranking in Google. Google makes no deals with any SEO firm.

It can be worth it.

A good firm can do things like create a competitive analysis report for you.
to give you an idea ahead of time whether it is even worth you spend that kind of coin for online marketing.
They then can do a Keyword analyses for your base keywords that you want to rank for.

A good firm can boost your ranking by lots of tactics that are considered fair practice ie:

Off page Optimization
 -Link trading
 -Article trading
 -Press Releases

On page
Creating/modifying your current site so that it is setup for the purpose of being crawled/read well by the search engine.

Think about this:
If a blind person where to look at your site using a brail keyboard could they navigate your site? Could they read your content?
Would  they know what you are selling?

These are key factors for the bots for all Major search engines.

Things to stay away from content in Flash.
JavaScript Navigation
Content in Iframes.
These are all really neat ways to lay  out a page but the bots look right over it.
 A 100% Flash site tells the search engine exactly nothing, they see a blank page and have only your title tag really to rank your site.

Well to answer your question I know a firm:
SEM Experts
I have used them and they are old school and will provide you with quality service.
give them a call first.
ask for Casey


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ID: 16924516
>>can all the information be found on the web?

Yes. However, if you've got $1000-2000 a month, I would recommend paying a good SEO company to do it. This is because it is a heck of a lot of work to get ranked for good, worthwhile keywords. And often your time is money. A good place to learn how to do it yourself is

1) Asking many questions here
2) Reading www.seo-blog.com
3) www.seo-guy.com/tutorial


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ID: 16924525
www.sitetutor.com is a pretty good SEO company, I will keep my eye out for more....

Also, if your market is not competitive, It may be worth it doing it yourself.
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ID: 16924529
Michael Duz is an excellent professional SEO


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ID: 16925319
If you want to learn on the web for your self there is a great resource that Aaron Wall put togather called SEOBOOK
The question is how much do you wnat to do on your own.
If you want to get involved try tuning into webmaster world:
I am sending you to the forum witch is a great resource.
Also try SEO Chat:

If you have any question about SEO I can help.
I have been an SEO Consultant for the past 4 years and have a much to share about the past trends as well as what is working in
todays online marketing.

Assisted Solution

John-Bayles earned 200 total points
ID: 16925948
I would recomend having a go youself as its not that hard to get a good ranking allthough a SEO business would obviously do it better..as they do it everyday!

Things to consider when doing it yourself:

Meta Tags
Code placed at the top of a website that briefs the search engine about certain details about your site i.e. Title, Keywords, Site description

How well does the content of your site fit the search that a user has made? The more content and keywords you can put in your site the better.

Incoming Links
The more sites that link to your site the higher your page will be displayed. The fact that people link to your site proves that it must have some good content

Correct Page Design
Correct page setup is essential to be optimized things like image ALT tags effect search rankings. ALT tags are displayed instead of an image when a search engine scans your site.

Expert Comment

ID: 16927900
>>Meta Tags
Code placed at the top of a website that briefs the search engine about certain details about your site i.e. Title, Keywords, Site description <<

Although I like John-Bayles enthusiasm for doing it yourself, I must point out that the title is not a meta tag (but very important), and the only meta tag that is important to search engines these days is the description meta tag because you can custom make what shows up in the Search Engine Page Results. Meta tags used to be more important, but not today.

How well does the content of your site fit the search that a user has made? The more content and keywords you can put in your site the better.

Just to be clear, keywords should occur naturally with naturally written text for best rankings.

I just want to make sure these posts are accurate and up-to-date.

Accepted Solution

jbrashear72 earned 800 total points
ID: 16928382
Weikelbob yes the title tag is considered a Meta Tag
Mike any tak that is inside the <HEAD> </HEAD> tag is considered a meta tag enven though it may not say meta.

So <TITLE></TITLE> is a meta tag.
This is to date still one of the most important tags on your site.
The title tag is still the most important tag. It defines the page.
The Desc is quite posible the 2 most important. Take google or MSN. If the Desc tag is not in place when a page in your
site gets indexed they will use that content to display in the SERP's "Serch  Engine Result Page"

lets break it down:

<TITLE>Your Main Keyword Here</TITLE>
<META name="description" content="A breif Description of what this page is about.">
<META name="keywords" content="your keywords here,by a few more, and a few more">

The Title tag is best used not just with your main keyword that would be 100% density and too much.
if you have your main keyword with another that takes it to a 50% density and I like to devide the keywords bwith a | "pipe".

Folks will tell you that meta tags are dead but this is mis understood.
While it is true that a meta tag is not the only way a search engine will pace you in the SERP it does help with what they are showing.

If somewone types in Google searh:
 Blue Widget and you
title tag as Blue Widget | Green Widget Store
And you DESC says: bluewidget.com is the premeir online store for purchas of Online Widgets.
your result in google would look like:

title tag as Blue Widget | Green Widget Store <-- links to your blue widget page
bluewidget.com is the premeir online store for purchas of Online Widgets.

This is good practice and helps people to click on your link due to a relevent title and Desc based on their sesrch.

Your page should have a good density of the main keyword for that page at least  7% to 10%

Always wnd you page with your main keyphrase.

So the robot sees it in the beginning in the content and at the end.
Be sure to emphasize your main key word / key phrase in your document by Bolding ir Underline or even Italizize.

Also Heading tags kelp to draw attention to your main keyword/phrase

This is Basic Onpage optimazation 101

On Meta tags Here is a good source:

as a great base for HTML W3.org

-Jason Brashear

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ID: 16928385
tak = tag sorry MT

Assisted Solution

keniki earned 200 total points
ID: 16930898
I think SEO's vary in quality massively. There are certainly some good people out there. There are also alott of people that will actually do your site more harm than good. The promise of google no1 is something I would be VERY suspicious of. Here's what google say on the subject


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ID: 16932104
Good comments from keniki

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ID: 16932168
There are two aspects of this question. firstly, working with an SEO company does makes sense for a medium and large company because of the time factor. search engine optimization is a time taking and lengthy process. companies whose core business is not web based do not possess the skill or time to do it themselves. hence they opt for professional help.

for smaller companies, it is advisable to undertake the process themselves. also, it must be remebered that SEO companies do not do anything that an individual cannot do himself. its just the question of the right amount of time and effort. if one researches the web properly then all about search engine optimization can be learned and implemented. only, it takes time and SEO companies have already invested that time and are ready at production level.

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Author Comment

ID: 16936468
thanks for all the great responses everyone . .

I got this reply from one company:

"I would need to give my programmer access to the "Full Code" either via FTP
or through a .zip (WinZip) file that you can email, or put online for us to
download. This would be the only way to give you an accurate pricing
estimate for the rewriting programming time."

Does this sound right? He wants the complete code for the site?

Expert Comment

ID: 16937683

>>Does this sound right? He wants the complete code for the site?

Yes, a good SEO company will need all of your code.

If you've chosen an SEO company, perhaps post a link to their website so that we can take a look for you. I, for one, would like to make sure you choose a good one because, as keniki noted, SEO's vary in quality massively
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Author Comment

ID: 16937954
thanks . . this company says it started in 2003, but I really don't know what to
make of it.  The person I'm working with (www.dcp3.com) who owns the site has
spoken to the owner of the SEO company for a few hours.  I'm just concerned that
this person is all talk and can't deliever . . and is going to charge possibly $5,000.00
or over for the job.

How do I know that this company is not just 2 people or something? After reading all
the info on SEO, I believe I can make most of the changes needed for the site.  If this
company can do a better job than I, great,  . .  but I don't want to pay them if they
are just going to do some basic changes that I've read about and can do myself.

Assisted Solution

weikelbob earned 800 total points
ID: 16938729
>>I'm just concerned that this person is all talk and can't deliever . . and is going to charge possibly $5,000.00
or over for the job.

I thouroughly looked over seoimage's website and found no red flags. They seem to know what they are doing. What I would recommend is:

1) If possible, ask for an SEO portfolio and post the sites they give you here so that we can analyze them.
2) ask for a few references and thoroughly follow up on them.

If the portfolio and references are good, a one-time fee of $5,000.00 is probably accurate, depending on the market. SEO is time consuming and expensive.

I've learned to be sceptical, though, with new SEO companies.

If you think it's too much money and think you can do it fine yourself (and you can, it's just a ton of work) then let us know and we can summarized what you've learned so far and get you going.

Hope This Helps


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Author Comment

ID: 16938783
thanks Bob . . I appreciate it.

Expert Comment

ID: 16940874
have a look here on experts exchange for SEO stratagies
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Author Comment

ID: 16955035
ok, I would like to start working on this . . here's my first question:


thanks again for all the help

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