Why isn't my string working?

I'm building a string with another string and a datetime value.

            Agent = MainForm.gridActiveEvent.Item(RandomNumber, 4)
            EventCode = MainForm.gridActiveEvent.Item(RandomNumber, 2)
            EventName = MainForm.gridActiveEvent.Item(RandomNumber, 1)
            EventInstance = MainForm.gridActiveEvent.Item(RandomNumber, 0)
            EventDate = MainForm.gridActiveEvent.Item(RandomNumber, 3)
            EventNameandDate = EventName.ToString & ":" & EventDate.ToString
            ' MsgBox(EventNameandDate)
            If EventName = Nothing Then
                ELabel.Text = "Non-Found"
                ELabel.Text = EventNameandDate
            End If

the msgbox you see above will display both perfectly. However the Date/Time won't show up when put on my label. Also if I reverse the order of the strings I can get the date to show up but the eventname will not show up. Come on genuises any ideas? Probably something simple. haha
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alainbrydenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
*Elabel.refresh, sorry I spelled it wrong.

Oh the property you should check on is

Elabel.Autosize = true
Elabel.WordWrap = false    will probably help too

Hope this solves your problem. If this is it, it seems sort of weird that it would half work in reverse, but I'm sure it isn't a format problem.

If none of my suggestions work, then sometimes plugging in a ' DoEvents ' solves all your freezing and updating problems.
Hey Jperks!

I believe the answer you are looking for is to add Elable.refresh right after you set the property.

If this fails, then you will need to check the properties of the label and make sure that it is set to expand to the contents.
JPERKS1985Author Commented:
hmmm, still can't get it working. refresh wouldn't work and strings that vary in size will fit in it. this is a very odd problem.
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JPERKS1985Author Commented:
Works good thanks man.
I guess DoEvents solved it?
JPERKS1985Author Commented:
it was autosize actually.
JPERKS1985Author Commented:
for some reason it feels the need to put each string on a new row in the label? even though their not to long.
heh, oh yeah. You get that when the default size of the label is small, it will only get as big as it has to for one word, then try to save horizontal space by wrapping to the next line. You'd think wordwrap would cover a problem like that :P
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