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I'm a webmaster and I have a lot of my friend who is webmaster. And all of their site have Google adsense. Everyday when I connect to internet. I always click ALL of their google adsense banner. And of course they always click my Google adsense everywhen they are online. If I continue to do like that way, did I break the POLICY of Google Adsense . May my account be locked?
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If the clicks are made without any intent or interest to purchase but with the intent of making the person whom owns the site money, it's fraud...pure and simple.  It can also actually qualify as copyright infringement if the name of the company is used in the adsense ad.  How, you ask?  Simple.  In using the ads in a fraudulent manner, you are using the company's name and intellectual property for the express purpose of financial gain for your own.  Outside of scenarios where 'fair use' applies, which in most situations it doesn't, this makes it copyright infringement.  But the legalities are another matter, the original question was whether it was against the policy of google adsense and it clearly is.  Reading it any other way is wishful thinking and nothing more.  Obviously google has no intention of making it an acceptable practice as they could neither legally offer it as a service under those circumstances, nor would they get enough interested clients to make money on it.  

Consider this scenario:  If you only do this in small numbers and the sites get a decent enough amount of traffic that others are clicking on stuff, Google isn't likely to take notice or do anything about it.  But, say someone whom has ads running on adsense, knows who you are and knows who your sites belong to and can identify you to google as well as send the information from these postings along to them...of course google is going to come down on you because they only make money if the company running the ads pays them.  So why would google pay you to do something that could cost them money?

And third party is any third party.  Whether it's a friend or not is irrelevant.  It's any part that isn't a primary party to the agreement between the first party and the second party...hence third party.  

And if anyone wants to find out the final word on this, post a url to a site that you have your friends intentionally click on the google adsense ads for you on.  I'll send it on to Google and to the people whose sponsored ads your friends have clicked on.  If you think it's harmless, you have nothing to fear.
Not only is it against the policy, but in most places it would be illegal as it's fraud.  
See Item 5 at as it pretty clearly states this.
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That link mentions "through repeated manual clicks"

But you say "Everyday when I connect to Internet. I always click ALL of their Google adsense banner"

Doing so a few times a day, IMHO, is not "repeated". Repeated to me would be if you sat there for a couple hours daily & clicked away, or used an auto-click program. So go ahead, finger away, but to a reasonable limit. : )
From the very first line of Item 5:

 Prohibited Uses. You shall not, and shall not authorize or encourage any third party to: (i) directly or indirectly generate queries,

How it could be made any clearer, I've no idea.
Hmm...guess it's more clear if I paste the whole part I actually meant to:

 Prohibited Uses. You shall not, and shall not authorize or encourage any third party to: (i) directly or indirectly generate queries, Referral Events, or impressions of or clicks on any Ad, Link, Search Result,

The key part being "impressions of or clicks on any Ad".  You combine that with "You shall not, and shall not authorize or encourage any third party to:" and it is completely obvious that this is a violation of their terms and if they find out, if you're lucky, all they'll do is lock your account.  As I mentioned, this is fraud and in most places would be illegal and as such, criminal charges are a potential, though not common, outcome.
Good reason not to use adsense in your marketing campaigns guys. I am sure google dont care to much as its money in their pockets.
Hypothetical example: I surf the web. Someone I know has ads on there. If I click their ads while I surf the web, I'm in violation?

"What is reasonable surfing" vs. "what is outright repeated clicking". I came across a program last year that clicks all day long. But, uneasy about it, I didn't use it, and later found out it was outright fraud.

What is of more urgency? A few measly clicks by a friend, or the robots that do a million times more? as an analogy: A few bug hairs in your soup won't hurt you (and do you know they have legal limits to this? That so many hairs etc. can be in food & still be sold? lol).  But an entire bug or bugs can.

"Third party" and "friend", though could be applied to the same, differ in degrees a whole lot in normal use of the terms. I don't think that telling a friend "Hey, I'm on Google! Check me out!" is fraud. It's just good conversation & sharing of interests. What the friend does, is then his/her own responsibility.
For someone you dont know (or at least know their shady browsing habits) you would be perfectly within the law (and contract) to click all their adverts.

The problem is, you've started a thread about it saying "And of course they always click my Google adsense everywhen they are online.". Knowing that they're clicking your adverts and allowing them to continue doing so is what violates the agreement.

Moreover if you said that you and your friends intentionally have this setup shows direct intent to generate false positives on the Adsense scheme.

As a final notice to you, this behaviour is going to be easier than poking a dead badger in the eye with a stick to track. You're always going to be coming from a range of IPs, your friend(s) are always going to be on a certain set of IPs... Its going to be amazingly easy for them to detect this and they're not going to assume you're just clicking random peoples adverts because you always go back. You're just painting a big target on your foreheads saying "SUSPEND MY ACCOUNT AND MAYBE SUE ME IF YOU'VE PAID ME ALREADY"
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