SCF /SCANNOW Causes reboot failure

I was having windows error messages popup everytime I opened an executable or anything in internet explorer (it would go to my homepage but close on every link).  I could not even open virusscan without getting some kind of error.  I read up online and learned SFC /SCANNOW might work.  I did that an it looked like everything went well.  I tried opening applications and browsing the internet again and this time I was not getting error messages.  I restarted my computer but now I get to the black Microsoft Windows XP screen and it just freezes.  I cannot boot to last good configuration or safe mood.  I disabled restart on system failure and tried restarting again and I got to a blue screen saying "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.  PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA"  I'm assuming this was because of SFC... Any ideas how to fix this?
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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to review this:;en-us;308041

Also, remove any unnecssary hardware, including network cable, and see if that helps.

I suspect you'll need to do a repair install at the very least:

If you have valuable files on that disk that you can't afford to lose, then consider backing them up first, either by connecting your disk to another PC as a slave disk, or by booting from something like the Ultimate Boot CD (

I am guessing a bit, but next time it is better to fix the virus problem first, before running sfc /scannow
Try rebooting with all of your hardware unplugged.  Corrupt USB drivers have a tendency to freeze windows at the "black" screen.
adonaicomputersAuthor Commented:
When I tried running a virusscan it would give me a windows error and would not start.  So instead I ran Spyware Doctor from PCTools and ran a command prompt McAfee virusscan both found no serious threats.  I tried fixing the error with the recovery console chkdsk /p /r and it said it found and fixed 1 error.  I unplugged all unnecssary hardware and I'm still having problems... I'm going to try a repair installation.
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OK, good luck.
adonaicomputersAuthor Commented:
It looks like the repair installation is working... Thanks for everyone's help and quick responses, I apprecate it...  Any ideas to why the sfc /scannow caused windows to corrupt that way?
"Any ideas to why the sfc /scannow caused windows to corrupt that way?"

Thanks. Malware often modifies system files and dll's. Assuming you had some malware and it was active on your system, the "sfc /scannow" process is unable to work as expected because it may find some system files locked by the virus/malware. This may result in a partially restored system and an unknown outcome. By contrast, the repair install works after you boot from the CD, so it is able to restore every important file needed by XP.

At least that is one possibility.
adonaicomputersAuthor Commented:
That makes sense.  I appreciate your help.  Thanks.
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