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We are trying to figure out if we want to use this item called the loc box on our domain. we have purchase a cisco 3725 and where going to use it with our T1 & ADSL line in order to bring both lines in and have shared bandwidth. Someone brought up an item called the loc box or airloc and i was trying to find out if anyone has used this and what where your thought on it compared to the 3725...
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Never heard of either one in terms of networking.

Airloc looks like some vibration dampening gear that I doubt you will need

LocBox is a gun lock?

I would stick with the Cisco router, especially since you've already purchased it.
You might consider a firewall like Cisco's ASA5510 behind this 3725 router....
arahmingAuthor Commented:
www.loktechnology.com I gues its called lokbox...
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