can not get computer to boot

original config

dfi nb78-bc
nvidia nforce analog card
p-4 2.4 ghz
512mb 270 ram
256mb 266 ram (yeah i know the two are different speeds but it was working for a year with that set up)
120gb primary master
250gb primary slave
cd secondary master
dvd secondary slave

started out just upgrading to 2 1gb 400mhz ram. ram worked on board but board was rated for only 266mhz. purchased msi pm8m-v board.

had an ati 9800 pro sitting around that we had previously installed and then removed, decided to put that in.

computer would come up to advanced start options. normal, windows logo would flash very briefly then go start post again. either safe mode, run through the list of loads and get to the last one and then start post again.

tried going back to original config and could not get anything on screen.

went back to msi board with nvidia card. could not get anything on screen. put ati card back in. disconnected primary slave and dvd. cleared cmos.

post sees the two drives but follows with

ide channel 0 no 80 conductor cable installed

goes to advanced startup screen. normal or safe mode gets me back to post.

tried starting from windows cd to see if i could see the drive. gets to point where it is starting windows and then screen says it loses connection.

as a side note when i initially put the new board in bios date was off by 1 day and several hours.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here some links for how to swap mobo's on XP :      move XP to other mobo;nl;314070                       "     "     "    "      "   
honey2geeksAuthor Commented:
additional web searching provided an answer for the

ide channel 0 no 80 conductor cable installed

had switched back to the older 40 wire.

now have the newer 80 on there, so that message is gone.

still here though,
goes to advanced startup screen. normal or safe mode gets me back to post.

tried starting from windows cd to see if i could see the drive. gets to point where it is starting windows and then screen says it loses connection.
honey2geeksAuthor Commented:
when going safe mode last two things it shows


tried swapping from the digital to the analog video card

still get those 2 last
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Michael SachinCommented:
Do you have an onboard video card ??
did u check the settings in the bios??
you will find an option to select the onboard graphics card or the pci card.....try using the onboard one....and then the one on the pci slot. check if any one option works.......

try selecting the "load fail safe defaults" - start comp.......note down if u have any errors......
now select "load optimised defaults" - start comp......note if u have any errors......

are the two errors same or different??
if should strongly consider connecting your comp to a different power outlet.
now very odd i know.....sometimes........even these could lead to various kindda issues.......
system seems to complete post.......and is havin an issue with loading up the os........

Now try this as a last resort......
did u try a reinstall of the os with all ur "BASIC" hardware connected
xp has an option during installation......if u wanna install any 3rd party drivers.......if required.....!

Good Luck!
Don't swap motherboards if you want XP to keep working - it is not up to handling the hardware changes as W98 for example will cope with quite happily. A repair install will get it going, but all progs will require reinstalling as the registry will be trashed. Best to save data and clean install.

Chris B
honey2geeksAuthor Commented:

can i save the registry? and then load it after the repair

currently have the drive on an external usb to back up data b4 i try repair
I don't believe so. Nobus' links above demonstrate the swap process well enough, my feeling though is it isn't worth it. Better to start again and be certain you have a clean reliable installation.

Chris B
honey2geeksAuthor Commented:

da bomb

going to try to contact owner and offer some clarification tips in hopes that the nexst person that uses it is smiling even quicker than i was.

worked for me!!! so happy. thank you so much nobus. you rock. i wound up starting this memory upgrade at 2:pm on friday and completed the mess 3:pm sunday. OMG, as the daughter would say. wife had been cussing her machine freezing up, just wanted to be kind and make her life a little easier. right. ruined my saturday motorcycle ride. took up part of fathers day. think i have less hair and what is there should be grey now.

everything came up working just find. had to re activate xp but just ran magic jelly bean and reentered the code.

easy stuff.

tanks again
Glad it is working - but since i am no american, could you explain this to me :    OMG  ?
honey2geeksAuthor Commented:
oh my god

btw, wife is much happier with the 2gb. and the board will take another 2gb if needed.
another one i know now   :-))
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