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Hi, i am looking for the best linux distribution for programming, it seems onebase developGo is a good choice, however, i can't find anywhere to download it for free. any other suggestions? it is best that it is live cd linux, so i don't have to install it to try.i don't just mean linux contains as many compilers as possible, it is better if it comes with IDEs. if you've used developGo, you will know what i am talking about. thanks a lot!
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pjedmondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can use a live CD on virtually any PC capable of booting from a CD. Knoppix has many of the languages detailed in onebase. However, as it is not a specialist develpment CD, but rather a more general purpose live CD, it has left out many of the specialist development enviroments.

onebase has made a choice as to what to include on the CD.In particular for Java, it has Eclipse, rather than netbeans (which I prefer):

Also to use eclipse (or netbeans) to it's best, you will need to get a number of the plugins - For example I use subversion rather than CVS which requires a plugin. In order to do that, you need to re-master the live CD which takes a reasonable amount of effort and technical understanding. Knoppix has a much better documented and used 'remastering' process, so you could start with Knoppix and include *exactly* what you want:

With a Live CD, you are working in RAM rather than to the hard drive. This requires a fairly highspecification of system, in particular loads of memory, and whilst it probably will work, your development speed will be slowed down significantly by using a live CD. As such, I'd always recommend a full install where possible.

Virtually all the packages mentioned in onebase are available in the 'mainstream distributions', such as redhat (and its clones, suse, debian etc. You can then much more easily add other functions that you want.

Personally, I'd recommend working with a mainstream hard disc installed distribution until you decide what tools and methods you work best with. Then if you really want a live disrtibution, start with Knoppix (if only because it's hardware recognition capabilities are highly accaimed), and add the functionality that you want to that distribution.

In my point of view there isn't really a best linux distro for anything, it is just a matter of what you like best, as yoou can install most of the tools you need on any distribution. The only restriction being that there might be some tools that aren't open source and therefore either not free or require special licensing.

Also, for development a liveCD might not be the best option, as normally whenever you need to reboot you loose whatever you have written, except if you save your work somewhere, and that often isn't the default behaviour of livecd, which generally refuse to write anything permanently without a special setup from the user.

But anyway, debian is probably one of the most widely used linux distro, and knoppix is one of the widest used livecd's. The following list are other livecd's based on knoppix and therefore debian.
wakemeupAuthor Commented:
hi,rindi,thank for your comment. however, have you seen onebase developGo? it has 11 languages and several development environment. has knoppix got these for programming? or has any live cd linux got similar amount of tools for programming. it is java and c# development environments that i am mainly interested in. plus, i don't mind using live cd linux, as long as it is reliable, i can use it on any machine, isn't it? i don't mind save work on a usb or some thing. thanks!
There are lot of tools for programming in Linux. You can try out:
anjuta (C/C++)
eclipse (Java and other languages)
netbeans (Java)
kdevelop (Many supported)
Quanta (Web Applications)
gambas (Basic language)

but the right choice depends on you and what you want to achieve.

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