Thunderbird - How do I put my logo into signature?

I can easily put my signature into my email replies but can thunderbird handle my logo and if so how do I do this?
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Greetings, ozgary !

You can insert a logo as part of an HTML signature

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ozgaryAuthor Commented:
This link seems to be blank but it did lead me close to a solution. I am comfortable with basic HTML and linking to a logo externally served. But how do I send a self contained email with the logo in it? I would have to attach the small jpeg and then refer to it internally somehow?
Here is the link to the webpage about inserting the logo using HTML

This webpage shows you how to attach signature in Thunderbird also.
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I hope you understand that doing what you're talking about will increase the chances that your E-Mail will be flagged as SPAM. Some mail systems will strip the image from the E-Mail, as well. People smart enuf to avoid HTML-enabled mailreaders will see a bunch of garbage as your signature. Mail systems admins whose systems have to handle and store your image-bloated E-Mails will be annoyed.

If you want a logo in your signature, use a simple URL and save everyone's bandwidth and disk space.
ozgaryAuthor Commented:
I take your point. It is not for me but it is a very small jpg. What do you mean a simple URL. I guess I maybe missing the point. Can i send the jpeg in my email and and have it displayed in the signature.
Yes, it'll be displayed, assuming an intervening mail system doesn't flag the E-Mail as SPAM, and/or strip the image and/or the HTML.
ozgaryAuthor Commented:
Thanks but I still cannot work out how to send the email with the logo self contained within it. I understand how to code it so it displays the image from a remote URL.

Save the logo in an HTML file and save it with an .html extension. Then install the Signature as follows:
ozgaryAuthor Commented:
How do I save an image in a html file? I understand how to href it. But this would point it to an external place not in the email.
Please give a one line   example code to include a jpeg.
To insert an image into your new email message, go to the "Insert" menu, then click on "Picture...". This will open the properties window for your image. To select which image to insert, click on the "Browse" button and select the desired image file. You can also insert an alternate text for your image. This text is going to be displayed over your image placeholder, if the receiver of your HTML email has disabled images within incoming email messages.
Marc ZCommented:
Don't know if it will work with jpg but don't see why not but for local image.  From


   1.  In Thunderbird, click on the "Write" button to compose a new message.
   2. Type in the text you want to use for your signature and add whatever formatting you want (font style, color, boldfacing, etc.). Then wherever you want to insert the image, put the cursor in the message body where you want the button to appear and then copy this
<a href=""
title="Visit My Webpage"><img
width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="Get To My Webpage"></a>

   3. Select the text you want in your signature (or go to "Edit -> Select All" if you want the whole message as your signature).
   4. From the "Insert" menu, choose "HTML...".
   5. Select the text in the window that pops up and copy the selected text ("Ctrl+C", or right mouse click and select "Copy").
   6. Open your favorite text editor (such as Notepad) and paste in the text you just copied.
   7. Save the file to your computer, giving it a name with the ".html" extension (such as "signature1.html").
   8. In Thunderbird again, go to "Tools -> Account Settings -> <Account Name>".
   9. Check the "Attach this signature" option.
  10. Click the "Choose..." button and attach the signature file that you just created and saved on your computer.

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ozgaryAuthor Commented:
The first link is what I needed - thanks
Marc ZCommented:
Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.
Nice answer mtz1of4 using that method you pick up the proprietary moz-do-not-send tag which causes a lot of problems with displaying an image in a signature.
Marc ZCommented:
thanks for letting us know that Thunderbird has progressed backwards.

What version was TB in June 2006?  Are you still using

The above info worked for that version.  If you were looking for this information, 3 year old posts probably won't give you the most accurate info.
Perhaps this will help
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