Coexist Lotus and exchange 2003 to use email push method

Dear all
i have a situation in my company , we have lotus notes 6, we can't change it because it is forced from the HQ. we want to use black berry and exchange email push method for managers , some suggested that we can coexist exchange with lotus to enable such thing, i was wondering how to configure such a thing
for example let us assume the following config
company domain (
lotus notes domain (
exchange domain( is it gonna be but it is not the responsible for mail delivery for that domain.
or it is gonna be
if i follow the idea that exchange domain will be so how i will configure the connection file on lotus to send email for users on the exchange server??
if it is gonna be so how i will let users access their emails on (i don't want to change domain name for their emails)
any ideas
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BusbarSolutions ArchitectAsked:
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marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Astonishing how sometimes you just can't prevent managers from shooting themselves and their company in the foot, isn't it?

What you have, I think and IN THEORY, is a domino domain and a foreign domain.

If the domino server is and the MX records are pointing to that domino server IP address, then all mail is coming into the domino server.  When it can't find a match in the address book, i.e., you can specify a relay host to for all addresses that Domino can't resolve, i.e.

If MS did it, then I'm betting they used the microsoft connector on the Exchange server to integrate with Domino.  So, in reality you have the two domains,, and, and you have mx records and domains configured on the dns to send stuff addressed to to the domino server, and exchange stuff delivered to the exchange server.  Both Domino and Exchange have integrated address books, and you create adajacent domain documents in Domino to route mail addressed to the exchange domain to the exchange server, via the connector.

I would loose my job if I were there, because I would do maintenance, cost, and deployment evaluations on both systems and present both, explaining that just because the other company did it that way, doesn't make it the most efficient or secure way to integrate the mail system.  I would explain that while, of course, it can be done, here are the possible consequences and long term costs of having a split system.  Including the cost of spam and virus attacks.  Why not ask if they're open to different approaches that might save money and time in the long run?  If your proposed system does more than the other system with less cost and maintenance, then you end up the hero rather than the poor person having to support the workarounds.. :)  then other companies would have to follow your lead.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
First some questions, to get a complete overview of your situation:
- why do you have Exchange?
- who uses Lotus Notes?
- how are the Blackberry users connected to their mail?

If there are users who want to continue to use Outlook, please read

Please read:
Agreed, it's not a solution if you have to pay for another server and service.   You can enable the DAMO in Domino if users want to connect to  notes using outlook:

But, as sjef's links point out, you can configure the blackberry to connect to Notes using the Blackberry's server, and pay for that service,

or  you can install a blackberry server,

Or you can install Notes Everyplace:
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bpmurrayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I doubt that you can justify Exchange: everything Exchange can do, Notes/Domino can do better. It sounds like you want Blackberry connectivity for mail, but this does not require Exchange - sjef's link shows that. I think you have a MS fan there who doesn't understand that Exchange is not the center of the Universe.

BTW, if HQ say you should use Domino/Notes, how can you get an Exchange installation financed? There are lots of us who'd like to know how to circumvent the financial controls ....
BusbarSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
it is very weird case i know
put it is not the issue of connecting outlook to notes or notes to exchange
it is to use email push method on microsoft enabeled mobiles , imates and jasjar
the issue really that there is some MS fans who want to do it throw microsoft
the weired thing that there is another sister company , hired MS to do it and they did it , intergrated Exchange in the environment as i stated, they use exchange to push the email on the mobile phones :(
HQ has no objection on using exchange for only this case, this is because most of our managers are using these mobiles so money will not be an issue :)
any ideas ???
BusbarSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
the core of that question that we asked to do what our managers asked us to do what the other company did so any ideas???
OK, it's all, but the Domino servers are and the exchange is Would that work?
BusbarSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok how i will configure connection document on the domino so user can access lotus and get notified when email arrvied ?? this is the trick
BusbarSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
as you said it is managment issue
of course i will explain the problems that we will face but on the other side i have to ask also to add a knowledge.
ok i also thought that i will configure a foreign domain in lotus notes so can you correct for me
i will configre a recipient policy on the exchange to add a domain name ( to the exchange users and configure the exchange as it is not responsible for mail delivery
but if a configured a connection and foriegn domain i will add a new domain , but i want to retain the domain name . so i think that configuring the connector and directory replication will point the notes that celluser email is and mail box is located in the exchange server
and comments
I think the clue is going to be in the other company's set up.  If they have exchange, then see if those people have an address JUST on the exchange server and not the domino server.  If that's true, then all they did was install the Notes Connector, which you can do on the Exchange server.  What you would have is two email systems, and in order for the Exchange people to recieve email it is delivered from the Domino server, but the exchange server is still configured to receive email, else you won't be able to send it email.

You need to "look" over their set up if you want to duplicate it.  They'll either have duplicate names with small variations:, or  they won't have any duplicate names, but it will go through the connector.

Although if you have the exchange software, then you will have a the connector included with the software along with the instructions.  This is a microsoft product and not a Notes product.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
dear all
i would like to thanks you all for support thanks marilyng -bpmurray
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