I need help with scanning pleading documents - then using OCR.

Posted on 2006-06-18
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Last Modified: 2008-01-09

Omni Page Pro 15 works really well on everything except pleading documents.  Because of the vertical lines  and numbers going down the page, it is necessary to cut out the the lines and numbers.

Having said that, do you know the best way to then move the remaining OCR'd text to Word?  
I usually call up a blank pleading page and paste it in but it has lots of problems

If there is anyone that supports law firms and knows the best way I'd appreciate the help.  

Also, these are faxed docs and I have the choice of scanning to PDF or Tiff.  It used to be that it was easier to do OCR if the doc was in Tiff but I think there is less difference now.  Which do you recommend?

These are files that are faxed to the law firm.  They can be 50 pages - so too big to type in.
They are complicated in that the text is in outline format and they are on pleading paper.
Each page has a footer on the bottom with the name of the case, page number and a horizontal line.
Each page has a vertical line with numbers going down.
The first page, ofcourse, has a pleading caption.

I am looking for a proceedure to SMOOTHLY take it from the faxed, scanned in version, into Word.

Thanks, CD

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Question by:CatDiva
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Joanne M. Orzech earned 2000 total points
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Hi CatDiva:

I've worked for lawyers for many many years and I run the Word Processing Department of a large law firm.  We receive a lot of documents that need to be scanned.  We get both PDFs and hard copy.  If I understand your question correctly, here's how I would handle it.  I would either create or download a pleading template.  Then I would scan the image in as text (we also use OmniPage), and paste the text (or use Insert, File) into a blank document created from the pleading template.  Then, of course, you would just have to format the text in your new document.  If you've created styles in the pleading template, that should be quite easy.

You can find a template here (or just google Word pleading template):

I'm just curious why the pleadings are faxed to you for re-creation.?  Can't the individuals simply email them to you?  

We haven't used lined/numbered pleading paper in many many years and you may want to check with your local Courts if that's mandatory.  We simply put the document on 8-1/2 x 11 paper with 1" margins.  

Hope this helps - if there's anything else, please post back.

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I am the IT person so I don’t know why they get documents that are not emailed and need to be scanned.  Also, most of the law firms I work for use WordPerfect.  My depth in knowledge on Word is limited to normal stuff.

I follow the same procedure as you mentioned – selecting the text and then pasting  the text into a pleading paper. It is then that I have the problem.  The text is complicated with outlines / numbers/letters and it is a great deal of work to get it looking right.  I really need to come up with a way that is faster and instruct them on how to accomplish this

You mentioned styles.  It is beyond my knowledge level.  Could you tell me how?

Also, I live in LA  and work for several law firms – They all use pleading paper.  I will look into using rigular paper but I think they won’t like it.  There was a time that I set up pleadings in WP using a real vertical line instead of brackets on the pleading caption (looks much better) but the lawyers didn’t want it to look that way.  I guess the old ways die hard. :>)

Thanks for your help. CD
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by:Joanne M. Orzech
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Well - I'm also a Senior Member of our I.T. Department.  The problem you're having is because you need to learn styles for the outline, numberings, letters, etc. that you mention.  I may be able to help you create a template with the styles that you need if you can let me know what version of Word you want it created in and send me a sample document of the way it's supposed to look.  Leaning styles is not something I can just explain to you in one post.  However, if you let me know what version of Word you're working with, I can send you some links that might be helpful.

Was the pleading template I posted helpful at all?
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ID: 16930569
Thanks for your quick reply.

The version of Word is 2003.  That's the easy part.  Documents vary, depending where they are coming from.  Here is an example but as you can there is no formatting.  This came in on pleading paper and was scanned in.  I just grabbed it for our purposes and change the names.

Pointing me in the right direction would be very helpful.

I don't think there is a way to attach a file.

In re Marriage of xxxxxxxx L.A.S.C. Case No. BD 22070
I, xxxxx, declare:
1.      I am not a party in the above-entitled action. I have firsthand, personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.
2.      My daughter, Amy, is a classmate of the daughter of Brad and Amy Davies, Sonya. I have known Amy for a few years since our daughters have been in school together at Turning Point. Since I have known Amy I have considered her to be a devoted mother and parent in the school community. Amy has come to nearly all of the Sonya's classmates birthday parties over the years, comes to all of the school's activities, and is always a part of Sonya's class when there is a school event.
3.      My son, Joel, went to school with the parties' youngest daughter, Lita, in early 2006. Samuel and I often met Amy and Lita for after school play dates. Amy and I usually arrived at the same time to pick up our children from school. I saw how excited Lita was to see her mom every day at pick up.
 • 4. Amy invited me and my children on many occasions to weekend events with her and her girls. It amazed me how Amy found time to organize such fun activities. It is evident how committed Amy is to her
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by:Joanne M. Orzech
ID: 16930639
That would be very very easy to setup.  Here's a link that might help:  


My email is in my profile if you want to send a file.  

Good luck


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Thanks for all your help.
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by:Joanne M. Orzech
ID: 16931268
Good luck and please let me know if I can be of further assistance.  Many thanks for the points and grade.


Author Comment

ID: 16931325
Thanks, joanne.  You did a great job and deserve the points.

I will look at the site you sent and contact you if I need more info.
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Expert Comment

by:Joanne M. Orzech
ID: 16931399
Oh - just thought of one more thing - be sure when you paste the text, to paste it as "Unformatted Text" (Edit, Paste Special, Unformatted Text).  You may find it easier to work with that way.


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