Search pdf files in webpage woth c#

Hello experts,

I want to code search engine that will search pdf and aspx files content.
can you give me help on how i can perform this web site.
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OliWarnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if live-seaching is going to be the best route, but anyway...

You're going to want to look at this at some point:
That's how to read a PDF into .net

What I would do, is extract all the data from all your PDFs every 3/4 days (depending on how often they change) and dumping the text in a database... It should then be quite easy to do a full text search on the database.
callrsCommented: returns results from pdf content
Not sure what you're asking here...
Otherwise you can go with the live-search method that does the above on demand... But as noted, highly unrecommended.
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helkayalAuthor Commented:
I saw this link before but it use reference to 2 external dlls , and i want to do this without external dlls.
can any one told me how can i do that.
simply how can i search or read pdf files without using any external dlls.
Well the component used (iTextSharp) is open souce.... You've got all the source you need right there.
Title of the link given by  OliWarner: "Extract text from PDF in C# (100% .NET)"
Question asked: "Search pdf files in webpage woth c#"

OliWarner's last comment: "Well the component used (iTextSharp) is open souce.... You've got all the source you need right there."

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Makes a good PAQ too
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