connect linux witn windows

I am new to linux and I need to connect between my fedora and server2003 and xp home and pro comnputers,

Samba is installed but it takes me to a samba website when i try to go to the computers and there are no workgroups or anything in windows network on fedora computer

I also changed the samba config file so the computer will not be a browser master and be in the <like id tell u my last name> workgroup
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You must join your linux box to  the 2003 windows domain, after the correct configuration of your smb.conf, nsswitch.conf  krb*.conf

Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
I use workgroups as my workstations are xp home eccept one running pro
if it matters

well I will go through your links when I get back If having workgroups changes what I should do i hope it makes it easier than having a domaign.
the easiest way to setup samba is by using swat... if you have yum installed properly just do "yum install samba-swat"
then edit /etc/xinet.d/swat and change disable = yes to disable = no... then restart xinetd by type "service xinetd restart"

then browse to http://ip of server:901   login with root user
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try to read the following article first
Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
ok, swat is installed and running and so is samba, but the IP of my windows server on port 901 with http protocol does nothing in firefox.

How do I run swat or do I run swat?
Swat does not appear in the list of programs in run program on start menu.

There are no workgroups/conputers in windows network directory.
not windows server, the linux server... if you are want to access swat from another computer you have to remove the line only_from = in the /etc/xinetd/swat file and restart xinetd. the from any computer on the network type http://ip_of_linux_server:901

What is the ultimate goal in setting up you want to be able to use the linux server as a file server ?
Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
my ultimate goal is just to be able to get/send files off/to the linux server from other computers on my network
and to get/send files from/to windows computers with the fedora linux computer
it really bothers me that I am NET+ certified and i cannot do the things i am certified to do.

soon I hope to fix a computer and install novell on it but that is for later.
Don't worry about it, linux networking is very different than windows...believe me ...I am MCP MCSA MCSE and Exchange Certified and it took me a long time to get linux networking under my requires completely different have to think of samba as a completely seperate program...not just another setting in windows (right click>share folder)

If you want to play with novell go ahead,,but it is a dying breed... i haven't seen one in production in years.

once you configure you shares in swat you will have to add a samba user
you have to have a linux user first , so if you don't have a regular user go ahead and add one as root
# adduser jeremy
# smbpasswd -a jeremy
(it will then prompt you for a password to access your samba shares)

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