AU-600 call FFWD not working:(

Hi guys,

I juts bought AU-600 I wanted to forward my all call on my US landline number and I wanted to call from PSTN to skype call but when I dial from PSTN line and give pass key it do dial but after 2 second it got disconnect automatically any idea ?? because of this prob… I installed new driver 1.8 but still im facing same problem : (

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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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if u want to call form PSTN to skype use this

Teleon Skype Gateway for Voice Modem 2.03 available at
onlyamir007Author Commented:
thx 4 quick replying me can u tell me will it work on Au 600 ??
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onlyamir007Author Commented:
i have done everythg it is not working :( other stuff working fine but only call FFWD func not working :-(

well thanks for helping me
Hi onlyamir007,
Dnt give is one more pdf file. It has given one example for call configuration settings..just try out ..who knows it may work...
onlyamir007Author Commented:
Hi buddys,

Thanks for helping me I found the solution support au-600 guys responded me skype 2.5 not compatible with AU-600 they are working on this I installed older version its working great thx …. Also I would like to request administrator please delete this question.
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