Secure FTP - hosted service?

Hi there,

I am looking for an FTP solution to enable us to transfer securely files to and from our clients.  At times, these files can be over 2GB in size and we currently are using our own web server which is slow etc...

I want to know :

a)  Is there a service provider that can do this?
b)  We want to be able to have permission control over the various directories
c) We want to be able to quickly and easily change the passwords if need be.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

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ddh76Author Commented:
Ideally, I want the service hosted for me.  Our web server is a hosted Unix box and too difficult to configure!

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I think this one qualifies. Don't forget the ftp client has to have sftp builtin also!! Otherwise it will default to normal ftp connections.
I have not tried them myself though :)
(only know dutch hosts that do this, but I assume you don't speak dutch)
Hi Dave,
We had a similar requirement about 3 months back for a client of our, they wanted a secure encrypted FTP service (as standard FTP authentication is very easy to crack/intercept). We looked for a number of different solutions and it seems there are very few true SFTP server software packages out there, let alone ISP’s that offer it as a service.  I can however recommend the Ministry of Data, they offer a secure ftp service to their clients, have Gigs of bandwidth across Europe and I believe they even have hosting solutions in their own ex-cold war nuclear bunkers if you require that level of this as a data security.
Best of Luck,
I use, but another is

Here is the best site and mostly recommended by top companies


I believe the Ministry of Data hosted SFTP Solution was specifically developed to comply with the very strict regulatory and security compliance set out by the FSA in the United Kingdom. This solution is used by the Ministry of Defence, CAP Gemini, Standard Life and EDS to name but a few. If you are looking for their hosted solution it is somewhere round a £80 per month.
You can get more information about their SFTP here:
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